Have or Steal my heart Chapter 1

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"beep, beeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp"

I reached out to my alarm clock and turned it off. Morning already? My body's sooo sore i couldn't move and just stayed still for a few minutes in the bed. I knew when I'll leave , I'll have to face the Cold, HATRED world.


eeuugghh so damn ANNOYING! I moved from the right to the left side of my bed and continued to sleep. My older brother noticed no movement in my bedroom, so he came in the room, sat on the side of my bed while doing his tie.

" What time did you get home last night?"

"hmm... i dunoo 12? How am I suppose to know?" I groaned

" And you knew you had school the next day?" he ignored my other question. His voice was serious now. I could feel him glaring at me through my bedsheets.

I sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes. I closed them for a while then opened them to find my brother staring at me like a weirdo.

" Yeah... I knew Brandon, and don't worry, I never did anything bad last night! I promised remember?" I raised an eye brow, and gave him a look.

My brother looked at me as if he believes me but couldn't bring himself to.

"Abby, You've gotten yourself a bad reputation. Its hard for me to believe you"

" Look, i know last year i was a complete Bitch, who hanged out with the wrong people but I'm true to my promises remember? i was just out in the old park, in the hills last night watching the stars" i took his hand and looked at his eyes.

He took my hand and frowned

"Ever since our sister died of cancer, you've changed Abby" a look of disappointment washed his face

"Even though she's not here anymore, we can still be a family right? I miss her as much as you do"

We both sat in the room in silence. Then I said

"I know, that's why I'm trying to go back to the way it was Brandon. Its just hard you know? Sis was ALWAYS with us, now she's..." my voice trailed off.

Brandon gave me a bear hug and looked at his watch.

"Oh my God I'm late for work"


"What?" he gave me a worried look

"You look like you just had a hangover, at least clean yourself up before you go" I smiled and pointed at the mirror.

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