UM okay.......

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      I woke up today on my Tom basically Time Of Month and I was not to be messed with. Messing with a girl on her menstrual cycle is like messing with a hormonal pregnant lady.

   "Good morning sunshine!" my aunt said." Morning couz!!!." Ugh why do the women in this house insist on making noises. No idea.

"Good morning to you as well." I replied groggily.

After doing my hygienic process and asking my aunt for pads we arrived at school. Today was the day of rehearsals and I was already not in the mood.

"Let's go sit at the table. " she said more like demanded.

Okay was all I said as we sat. I was cool with everyone else except for Cameron.  I really don't understand what her problem is she is like bipolar.

ONE Minute she is fine the NEXT minute she's sending you daggers with her eyes which are a bit intimidating.  Just a little bit.

"Hey guys." They all looked sleepy, yup we were not morning people. But they still managed to reply. Even Cameron lay there asleep.

The first bell rang to signal the beginning of class.

I looked at my  cousin whose face came in contact with the table.

Yikes remind not to mess with her in her sleep.

The teacher began his same instructions as always...


  It was now free period we sat in our regular seats except that when I came to sit Cody was sitting there.  I was just a just confused as everyone else.

I looked at him and he waved signaling to hurry up.

Umm okay. Awesome (note the sarcasm).

I started, " Cody, what are you doing here, now at our table?"  "Can't I sit here it's a free country. "  " No,  I meant it more in a please leave tone."

" Look I wanted to see how you were doing  you  didn't look fine to me this morning. "

"As you can see I am okay and well and alive so yeah I'm cool. So please leave my friends are a bit uncomfortable. "

"Oh co-,"  "she said leave Bush" I turned back around to see Parker with his arms crossed and his face fierce as ever.

"Well,well,well look what we have here it's monkey and her friends and Bushnell. " he scoffed," what  a bunch of doofuses y'all are ."

"Are you already looking for your new girl toy?" I heard gasps in the back.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

"So what are you guys doing for Valentines Day weekend?" Luke asked. 

" We are visiting the city..with the help from Cody of course." My cousin said nervously.

I furrowed my eyes in confusion.  Oh I almost forgot,  he was still here with his brothers and the rest.

"I'm really excited" I said playing along.

" Have you forgotten that Jake was talking; to the Jacob and you ignore him Rude!!" Some girl said, definitely one of his side girls.

"Yeah" the rest agreed. Ok

1. I am very crampy

2. I need sleep

3. I have 2 people who are getting on my last nerve

4. They are trying to tick me off



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