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Poll Result

The poll results as of 2:30 IST on 10 Feb; 2020 are:-

11 Votes for all humans

13 Votes for some supernatural

2 neutral votes

Therefore, Bani is going to be a human while others might be supernatural in my story. However, supernatural element won't be dominant here with this story plot.

Thank You for all your opinions. They were all very helpful for writing this story further.

And for all those people who wanted a all human story; I will try write a short story soon about it in Naagin5 One shots. Hope, you still like this story as it moves forward.


Singhania Family

Balwant Singhania- Head of family. Cheel

Veeranshu Singhania- eldest son of Balwant Singhania. Cheel

Chandrakala Singhania- Mother of Jai; second wife of Balwant Singhania; step mom of Veeranshu. She married Balwant as his wife had died and she was running away from an abusive relationship. Human

Jai Mathur- Chandrakala's son from her first marriage. Veer's step brother. Nag

Pawan (Ponky) and Daksh Singhania- Veer's cousins. Their parents died in car crash. They have been living with their badepapa- Balwant since then. Cheels

Jai is jealous of Veeranshu for multiple reasons but sticks around because he is greedy and knows that being Balwant's step son gives him power and money. He is a womanizer and thinks of them as things to be owned but pretends to be very sweet.

Sharma Family: All humans

Mahesh Sharma- Head of Family.

Ritu Sharma- His wife.

Meera, Mehek and Dehek- Their daughters

Bani- Mahesh's best friend's daughter. He adopted her at the age four when her parents had died. She calls him papa. Ritu doesn't really like her as forbids to be called her mother. Bani calls her chachi.

Ritu dislikes Bani for her beauty and charm is way more than her own daughters.


Tapish Malhotra- Meera's fiancé. Vulture prince; allies of Cheels

Arijit Singh- Bani's good friend. Human

Shakura Parikh- Business rival. He even had personal grudges against Veeranshu. Cheel

Mayuri Das- Veer's friend. Has a crush on him but isn't all bad. Morni

Chandini Gupta- Chandrakala's niece. Human

Other characters might get introduced as the story progresses.

FATED: Vani arranged weddingजहाँ कहानियाँ रहती हैं। अभी खोज करें