Chapter 10

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Early day, early morning, hate it. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I had to get ready. I have two hours to get ready. Enough time. I walked out of the bathroom and got myself cereal. My brother left a note stating that he was going to work earlier then normally. Damn. It is so boring here without the annoying bro. I finished up my cereal. I rushed over into my room and put on my sweater and then my skirt. Not gonna wear heels so I put on flats.

I already had on tights for some reason. I walked into the bathroom and started brushing at my mane. I finished brushing and brushed my teeth. I didn't put on anything else. Besides that I am not much of a girl to put on make-up. I finished the last of my fixing and went outside. I left the house, locked the door. The morning seemed quite pretty today. I had my phone with me. A car pulled up into the driveway. Coy.

I walked over to his car and jumped in. "Hey." I settled down into the seat  as he pulled out of the driveway. I fixed my seat belt. "Hi." He sped down the road away from my house. "So, what do I have to do for this job." He kept driving without turning my way. "Oh, you don't have to worry. I'll show you." He had a coy smile on his face. "Since I'm the boss, you can get a private tour without any complications."

Coy turned into a parking lot. I got out of the car first. The architecture, the sun, beautiful. I don't know how, but it looked marvelous. I don't know how. The building was tall, of course it scared me, like I was going to be crushed. Besides that, the building was white and almost pure glass. It didn't seem real. I could probably stare at it for a while longer if Coy didn't pull me away to go check out the company.

We walked into the building. I was in a daze still. I've never been in a large building, never mind being in one. He greeted the secretary and we went up to the next floor which had all of the beverages, drinks. All of that stationed. Then we went to the top floor which was his area. The boss's area. I followed him along. It was a big office, paintings everywhere of people who actually served this office. His father was standing very proudly in his portrait.

Now we have cameras. Technology. Take a pic, edit it, put it in a frame. You got a pic. Of course it is different. A photo and a painting are very different things. He showed me to a sort of big room which was going to be my office. Very small, sort of useful actually. It had bookshelves, a medium sized desk, even a pencil, book holder. I couldn't help but look at how it was to be in an actual office working for someone.

I got comfy with the area by looking around. A small letter was there stating I could put photos, do whatever, right here in the room. It seemed pretty cool. Getting my own desk area and everything. I put down somethings and put them into my desk. He came back with a scheduled list. He left the room stating I would know what to do. He has to do...a lot of things. I can't even count how much that was on the list.

Just staring at the list I knew it was going to be a difficult day. Maybe not even difficult, just long.

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