Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
TIME LAPSE: 4 Months

Tobias' POV:

The twins are growing up very fast. Tris and I see them just about everyday. Jaxon mastered sitting up about two weeks after his half birthday. McKenna crawls now, and sometimes, with help, she can stand up. Her brother rocks back and forth on his hands and knees, looking ready to crawl soon.

Christina and Uriah occasionally drop the kids off with us so they can go out.

Today is Friday, and sadly Tris and I have work. Tris got a job three months ago, working as a nurse in the infirmary, letting her Abnegation show a little. She told her boss she will not go anywhere near the maternity ward, not wanting to relive the tragic loss of our son.

I walk hand in hand with Tris down to the cafeteria for breakfast. She's already in her black scrubs.

We pick out a muffin and sit down.

"Hi," Tris greets, smiling at the kids, then Chris and Uri.

"Hey guys," Christina replies.

"Hi!" Kenna squeaks. That's her new word. Well, the only one she knows. It sounds more like 'i', but it's a start.

"Good job Kenna!" I tell her, and she smiles triumphantly.

We mostly eat in silence, hearing the occasional smacking coming from the babies.

Tris looks at the clock.

"Gotta go. See you after work," she kisses my cheek and leaves.

"I gotta head out too," I tell Christina and Uriah.

"Bye Four," they say.

I walk to the control room, and sit down in my uncomfortable chair.

I moniter the hallways for a while, then move on to training rooms, and the cafeteria.

At around 11:00 I start to wonder what Tris is doing. I click some buttons and the hospital cameras pop up.

I search through the screens until I find her. She is at the front desk asking someone about something. Probably a patient.

As she walks away, she looks at the calendar, checking the date.

When her eyes settle on the number they grow wide. She backs away slowly. Then, she walks quickly somewhere else. What's wrong?

I'll ask her at lunch. It's in an hour anyway.

I study some other screens, and I am horrified by all the blood, and bruises I see. How does Tris tolerate this all day?

Suddenly I'm not very hungry.

As the thought enters my mind, I check the clock, wondering if it's lunch time yet. 11:57.

Eh, three minutes won't kill anyone. I grab my keys and wallet, and leave the room, locking it on my way out.

When I get to the cafeteria, Tris is the only one at our table, her head in her hands.

"Hey," I run up to her, "what's wrong Tris? Are you ok?" She shakes her head.

I gently grab her arm, and say "Let's go to the apartment."

I lead her there, and unlock the door. When we get inside she sits on the couch with her hands over her face.

I pull them away.

"What happened?"

"What date is it?" She asks.

"December 16th." I say.

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