CHAPTER 24 And The Crews Keep Coming

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"Hey," Dad said on the phone

"Morning. What's up?"

"We're going to take another trip over to the A-Frame and grab another load if you're available. It'll probably take us a couple hours or so," Dad said.

"I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make it down," I said.

"Well, if you change your mind, you know where we'll be," Dad said.


I was tired. I was tired of the stress, tired of the unknowns, tired of moving, tired of my Parent's Episodes, and tired of living with impending fear on my mind. I was just so damn tired.

While they were both very relaxed, considering the magnitude both physically and emotionally with what they were dealing with, they still got emotional. I didn't think the scene was going to do anything positive for my own recovery.

As they were both packing and loading up their stuff, a truck with two men pulled up to the A-Frame.

"Can I help you?" asked Dad.

"We've been sent by the Bank to clean the place up," one of the men replied.

It was another crew! This was starting to turn into a comedy! Too bad it wasn't as funny to Dad.

"Okay. Do you have a paperwork to verify that you work for the Bank?"

"No we don't," the man said.

"Well, we're in the process of moving out of the house. So I'm not sure how you're going to clean a house still filled with my belongings."

"We're sent here to do a job. I'm going to have to call the Bank."

Dad said, "Fine. Call them. And tell them I said I'm in the process of removing my things from the house, which I have a legal right to do."

"We don't want any trouble," they said.

They ended up leaving. We have no idea if they were really sent by the Bank, or if they were scavengers looking for a quick pick up.

I little panic came knocking on my door that afternoon. It wasn't pleasant at all. I started doing Codes, tapping my triple warmer point on both hands like the Doc had suggested, an energy exercise specifically for panic, along with several affirmations, and anything else I could think of.

The Doc wanted me to call him and give an update on how I felt. So I called and told him I was having the feelings again and he gave me a couple things I could do with the supplements he had given me. He wanted me to do that, then give it an hour and call him back and let him know how I was doing. If I didn't feel better he wanted me to come in the office that night.

I did what he'd recommend and I felt calmer. But I still off. It was like there was an inner script being played again and again in my mind that I had no control of stopping.

I decided to go in to see him before their office closed. Turns out it may have been triggered by a toxin, like a chemical, that I had somehow came into contact with. Though I couldn't think of anything I had come in contact with. The Doc told me the liver puts out histamine, so my feelings of panic could have come from the toxins (chemicals) in the body and my liver's reaction to them.

My liver also energetically showed up as having emotional issues from a relationship I had years ago. So I thought of that relationship in my mind, while the Doc had me breathe in and out deeply while he tapped on the part of my spine, with the Activator, associated with the liver. This would help clear my subconscious of holding onto the negative emotion that was impacting my health.

The Doc told me that even though an emotional event may have happened years ago, and though I consciously didn't feel like I was hanging onto it, the subconscious mind might have a different take on the matter. In my own testing over the years with the Doc, I've had numerous emotional issues come up, based on energetic testing, that in some extreme cases I did not even remember having an emotional issue with, consciously that is.

But my subconscious mind had been holding on to it. As if I was dragging a rotten and decaying carcass along in my life. And while it was hidden away in some dark closet of my psyche, I somehow expected the rancid smell not to affect the rest of my life or my health. It was impossible, I found, to heal under those unhealthy conditions regardless of the wool I tried to pull over my eyes about it.

The Doc had told me years ago, that some of his clients, dismissed these emotional issues, stating blandly, they had no such problem. I had asked him, how that impacted your health, if you refused to deal with the problem that arose. He told me, that it took much longer to heal, and that issues continued to bubble up if they were ignored. I surmised that the subconscious wasn't just going to go along with sweeping everything under the carpet, without there being some consequences. Life was about consequences. Sooner or later the decayed issues would seep out and stink up your life.

It is odd, to be energetically tested and have emotional issues come up, that's for sure. The Doc said that sometimes a present day emotional event can happen that triggers a memory from another emotional event that happened years ago and the body can get "locked up" as he called it. An emotion can physically, negatively, energetically impact and change the health of an organ in the body.

The Doc also energetically checked my brain. My right brain was testing at 60, and my left brain was testing as a 4. Still not 15 on both sides but it was improving and adjusting itself, which was great.

Then he physically adjusted my neck and back and sent me to the cold laser room. It was the second time I'd been Activator'd for my emotions that week. He also told me that my feet were sweating because my adrenals were now being supported with the nutritional supplements. My emotions felt lighter, like another huge unseen rock had been pulled off me.

I refused to berate myself because of what I was dealing with. I focused my mind on the big picture, what I wanted and where I was going. I told myself that I was getting better even if felt like a lie.

"The Federal Reserve announces new reciprocal currency agreements (swap lines) with the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank that would enable the provision of foreign currency liquidity by the Federal Reserve to U.S. financial institutions."

U.S. Federal Reserve

April 2009

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