Chapter 24-burning

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Apollo stepped in front of Katie with his mouth gaping open, "Em . . . I thought . . ."

Fred scoffed, "You thought what? That she was going to be with you?"

Ember gently wrapped her hand around Fred's arm, "Freddie, stop", she whispered.

"No, he's right. I did think you would be with me. After all the shit he put you through, you're going to forgive him just like that?", Apollo said raising his voice and pointing at Fred.

Fred stepped forward, "It's not polite to point your bony finger at people Auburn. And you're one to talk when all you wanted to do with Blackwood was fuck her!"

Apollo aggressively combed his fingers through his hair, "That was before I really knew her and before I began to fall in love with her"

Katie reached out for Apollo's arm sympathetically.

Fred laughed, "Bloody hell, get a grip mate. She's with me. And she'll always be with me so I suggest to move on quickly or me and George-"

Apollo turned his back to them and started walking out the bathroom door, "No need"

Katie walked behind him but turned back around to look at the two, "You guys won't last another week"

Fred looked down at Ember while the dorm door slammed shut, "I beg to differ"

Ember let go of his arm, grabbed her clothes and walked over to her bed, "I never forgave you Fred"

Fred flipped off the light switch and ran after her, "So we just had sex for what?"

"To have sex . . . duh", she smiled to herself.

He rolled his eyes and dropped the towel from his waist.

Ember seen the white towel drop to the floor in her peripheral vision and nearly broke her neck to stare down at his body.

Fred smirked, "I think you'll forgive me now"

Ember took a deep breath and pulled her sweatpants on. "And why would I do that?"

"Don't you want another round love?"

Ember threw her shirt at his naked body, "Piss off Weasley"

Fred shrugged his shoulders, "Fine. I'll be right back"

And with that Fred apparated out of the room with a loud crack. Ember shook her head and walked over to her shirt lying on the floor where Fred had been standing. She slipped it over her head and pulled it down her torso.

A couple seconds later another loud crack echoed through the room and Fred appeared right in front of her with only sweatpants on. "Ello' princess"

Ember cringed, "You can just apparate back out"

Fred shook his head and laid back onto her bed. His elbows propped his body up which resulted in every possible muscle to flex on his body. His toned abdomen looked rock hard while his sweatpants were being tightly snug against his lower body.

Ember stared down at him and his beautiful structure of a man. She was expecting a smirk and a quick remark to snap at her for looking at him the way she was.

But instead she got a lustful entranced gaze while he licked his bottom lip at her.

She felt a second heartbeat appear down low which Fred easily noticed.

He looked over at the empty spot next to him and gently patted it to signal for her to lay down next to him.

Ember turned her back to him, "Can you stop!"

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