Philzas Woes (Original Poem/song)

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Once a peaceful life I did lead
All at my disposal for my ev'ry need
Then I heard a famil'ar voice from afar
The voice reminiscent of one dear to my heart
The cry not of words, a cry only of pain
A son's heart crying out his fathers name
So I went away, I left all peace behind
To go soothe my one joy and my pride

An angel has fallen away from all peace
To a world where chaos will never cease
Into a world that knows only of war
This fallen angel knows not what's in store

My son I did soothe, but now he's gone away
For his mistakes with his life he did pay
Inside the crater in which lies all greif
The blast that had caused it hath damaged my wing
I looked at the people, bloody sword in hand
Amongst all the people I saw only one friend
In the midst of the crater he rose up two beasts
From then on I knew, politics should cease

An angel has fallen away from all grace
Now he can never look on his son's face
In this world that has given this angel his greif
He has now completely given up peace

My friend, he fled far away from the town
While I have continued to stick around
Hoping one day, closure I'll find
To ease the ache in this one heart of mine
But ease did not come for only after some days
Those I once trusted had been led astray
They sought for the life of the blood god himself
So I sent a warning b'fore he cried for help.

An angel has fallen to go save a friend
So his life wouldn't meet an untimely end
And he fled once more from his home
And by his friends side they would go claim their throne.

This is the last chance, government ends here
With destruction that fills anyone's heart with fear
Alongside, with one of an unsett'ling smile
Any saving attempt would be futile
Us with our beats and him with his bombs
Here is where we will right all these wrongs
Where the first one was a larger crater did lay
Now my debt has been fully paid

An angel has fallen down to corruption
His blame being only greif
Through anger of him losing his son
He made his son's driver's bleed
Unaware of the greif that he caused for others
Unaware of his lost son's brother.

(Hope you enjoyed this poem I made!)

To be Continued...
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