Together Again...

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Natalya’s Point Of View

        It was getting colder. I had lost most feeling in my feet and legs about an hour ago. I couldn’t die from the cold. I was a witch and the only thing that could kill me for good was fire, but the frost giants did not know that and I wasn’t about to tell them.

        The cold could freeze my body and the extreme temperature could cause me to lose the little life inside my body if it got that far. I had been heaving on an empty stomach for the last few minutes and was miserable. I curled up as much as I could around the child inside me. I would keep it as warm as I possibly could.

        There was a rumble of thunder and I wondered at it. I did not know that places this cold could get thunder storms. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash and a blinding flash of light. I winced. I had been in the dark for hours now and the sudden light was blinding. I opened my eyes and realized that I was temporarily blinded.

        I could hear the sounds of fighting and the voice of the frost giants screaming at someone, but I could not tell who. The voices were coming closer.

        I tried to make myself smaller. I was done being brave. I wished I had stayed in Asgard with Loki. I loved him and because of my foolish pride he was gone from me.

        The noises entered the dungeon and I cringed. I could feel my tears freezing on my face. They had decided to kill me quickly and get it over with. The door to my cell opened and I tried to see my attacker, but I was still blinded.

        A cold hand brushed across my cheek and I screamed. More tears escaped my eyes.

        “Hush love” came a voice I had wished to hear so desperately. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.

        “Loki?” I asked with a trembling voice.

        I was pulled into someone’s arms and picked up off the icy floor.

        “Hush” he said, “Your safe now. I won’t let any more harm come to you.”

        He began walking and I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. He had me and I wasn’t going to let him go ever again.

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