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Natalya’s Point Of View

        It was freezing when I woke up. My jaw hurt badly and the cold didn’t do anything to help when my whole body was cold. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the color blue.

        I was in a jail or dungeon cell of some kind that was made entirely of ice. There were cold metal cuffs around my wrists that were chained to the wall of the cell. There was a faint light that was coming from outside of my cell.

        It felt like it was getting colder and because it was summer on earth, all I had on was a thin white button up t-shirt, a pair of very short shorts and a pair of flip flops. I stood up and tested the chains that held me. They were strong and held firm. I cursed out loud. I didn’t normally do that, but under extreme circumstances I did, and I did so now.

        There was a menacing laugh from behind me. One of the frost giants that took me was standing outside my cell.     

        “You will not escape from here.” He said in a scratchy whisper. “You are here because Loki killed my father, the king of the frost giants. You will stay here until you slowly die of the cold. Then your frozen body will be delivered to Asgard, along with the knowledge that you died slowly.” He grinned at me as I hissed at him.

        “So you see” he continued, “even if you do manage to escape your cell. You will still freeze to death.”

        Laughing, he left, taking the light with him. When the light was gone and silence echoed through the dungeon, a slid to my hands and knees and threw up everything in my stomach. I was surprised. There was only one time that I had ever gotten this sick. I couldn’t think of that right now. I had to figure out a way to get away.

        I knew it would do no good if I got away and had no way to get out of this cold place.

        I closed my eyes and concentrated hard. I unclasped the necklace I had gotten from my children for my birthday this year. I accepted it from the children but I knew it had been a gift from Loki. It was Asgardian craft and beautiful.  

        I scooped snow around it into a ball, with the necklace in the middle. I held it in my hand and focused. I couldn’t seem to see my children or Loki or Thor or anybody really. They had to be in the great hall. I couldn’t see anybody when they are in the great hall. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t. I would have to send it blindly into the great hall and hope someone saw it. I concentrated on a spot in front of Odin’s thrown. I sighed in relief when the snowball disappeared from my hand.

        Someone would see it and know where I was. I didn’t know if anybody would come for me, but I had tried my best. I curled up and waited for either rescue or death. 

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