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Loki’s Point Of View

        I had spent as much time with my children as possible since they had arrived in Asgard.

        I was teaching them how to use magic. Zane preferred to learn fighting and such stuff from my brother, which I was fine with. He had learned a few spells and was not all that good with them; he did not have the patience to learn any more. Thor was happy to instruct him and I was glad that he was learning something useful.

        Evangeline was extraordinarily patient. She had something mysterious about her that added to her beauty. She had mastered much with magic so far and was eager to learn more.

        They were both six now. There had been a big celebration in the great hall, and Natalya had come to Asgard to be with them on their birthday.

        When she had gone home the celebration had long since ended, the next day as a matter of fact.  She went with me to tuck our children into bed and we retreated to my chambers to talk. I followed her in and closed the door behind me and turned to see her standing by the fireplace.

        She was staring into the fire place very intently. I almost missed it but as I took a step closer I noticed the tears shining as they made their way down her face. My heart broke and I rushed to her.

        “No love” I whispered to her, taking her in my arms and holding her close. “Do not cry. I hate to see you cry.” I pulled her head up to look at me and we looked each other in the eyes for a moment. Suddenly her lips were against mine devouring me. I pulled her closer to my body.

        “I love you.” I whispered around her kisses.

        I fell asleep that night, unbelievably happy, holding her close to me in the large bed in the center of the room. Her body, pressed to mine was intoxicating and it felt like the most right thing in all the nine realms.

        When I woke the next morning, she had left.

        I looked at my daughter now, the very image of my wife. She was concentrating on what I was teaching her and her small brow was furrowed in concentration. I was teaching her how to spy on other people’s minds. She wouldn’t tell me whose mind she was trying to get into, but I could tell she was successful when her brow smoothed over.

        Suddenly she gasped in pain and clutched her jaw. I frowned, she knew better that to get into her brothers mind while he was training with Sif and Thor. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me in horror. Ice crept over my heart and I realized that it was not her brother’s mind she had seen.

        I pulled her into my arms.

        “What is it Angel? What is wrong?” I murmured to her in a soothing voice. She looked up at me, her eyes still afraid.

        “Mom is in trouble. She is in danger!” 

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