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My green eyed father spun around, the too of his septer covered in red. Blood. And it didn't take long for me to figure out who's blood it was.

Phil Coulson lay on the ground, crumpled, a scarlet flower blooming in the middle of his chest. I gasped, my face turning white. I gripped the handle of my knives tight, my knuckles paling. "No." Was all I could say.

I glared daggers at my father. "How could you!" I screamed, looking at the dea.....sleeping man. Phil was NOT dead. He couldn't be. I needed him.

"Hela, darling. Its alright." My father set his scepter on the ground, raising his hands on mock surrender. "I came for you. It's okay, baby." I wanted so desperately to run into his arms. To wake up and have this all have been a dream. A nightmare. But it was reality.

"You killed him." I spat. "You are a murderer." My father only chucked slightly.

"He was in my way, darling. He had to go."

"NO HE DIDN'T!" I yelled. "An innocent man, and you killed him." Tears had begun to leak out of my eyes, spilling onto my  cheeks.

"It's okay, darling, Daddy's here."

I shook my head, vigorously. "HE WAS MORE OF A FATHER THAN YOU!" I yelled, kneeling at the fallen agent's side, placing my hands on his chest, urging his body to heal the wound. For his heart to keep beating, and his lungs to keep breathing. But as I knelt, my magic pooling into his veins, I felt the last bit of his life leave him.

"No." I sobbed. "No, PHIL!" I crumpled next to him, breathing heavily. "Please, you can't leave me. Not now. Not like this." 

But my cries never reached his ears.

Is it bad that I cried while writing this?  I had always loved Phil, I was so sad when he dies.

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