Stay Away From My Children...

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Natalya’s Point of View- Six Months later

        Everything was so different in New York. It was so loud and busy. I missed to quiet of the mountains desperately. Loki put his foot down when it was time for me to go home with the children. He refused to allow me to move back to an empty area. He wanted us close to the Avengers, where his brother could keep us safe.

        I rolled my eyes when he said this. I had done just fine before he found out about them. It irritated me and I tried to convince myself that I hated him but I knew I was only fooling myself.

        I still loved him desperately, and that is why I allowed it.

        So here we were, living in New York City. I wanted to get an apartment but Tony Stark would have none of it and we ended up living with him in Stark Tower. Apparently my brother-in-law stayed here during his time on Midgaurd.

        Zane and Evangeline were thrilled at their new rooms and the prospect of going to school. I didn’t like the idea and wanted to homeschool them myself, but their looks of excitement were impossible to say no to.

        There was an automated butler that took care of everything so I was left with nothing to do during the day. I would read a book, make meals, help my children with homework after school and play with them. Not much else.

        It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Zane and Evangeline had gone to the zoo with Steve Rogers and Thor. I was in the living room with nothing to do. So I started practicing my defensive movements. It wasn’t long and I could feel someone watching me closely.

        “It’s rude to stare.” I stated plainly. I turned to see a tall man standing there. His dark skin matched his dark clothing down to the black leather trench coat and the black eye patch covering one eye.

        “You move quite efficiently Natalya.” He said, his deep voice matched the rest of him. I raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged. He continued to stare at me and I sighed.

        “Mr. Stark is not here right now Fury. You can come back later or stay and wait for him, but you cannot stare at me the whole time.” I told him bluntly. “Do you want some coffee?”

        He looked surprised at me.

        “You know who I am? How is that?” he asked, stubbornly refusing to let the surprise show in his voice. I rolled my eyes.

        “It was a simple matter of deduction my dear Watson. Hearing of the fearless man with the eye patch and a small army of agents at his disposal was the first clue. You are wearing an eye patch so you have to be him since there are not very many men that wear eye patches. You walked into the place like you own it. So you obviously know Tony Stark.” There was a moment of silence after which I added, “And I used to work at SHIELD when I was younger.”

        Fury frowned at this.

        “I’m sure I would remember if someone with such a mouth had ever been on my helicarrier.” He leveled with me.

I grinned. “I don’t know how you keep order on that ship when you let Tony up there. That is just beyond me. Has he found the tech room yet?”

        Fury scoffed at me. “I should hope not! He would send the whole ship down.”

        I threw my head back and laughed. “You mean to tell me he hasn’t found that button yet?” I laughed again.

        “He did actually, but Agent Hill threatened to break his fingers if he ever touched it. I still catch him looking at it longingly but then Hill walks in and he looks away.” I snorted.

        “He will get it alone one of these days.”

        Fury sat down on one of the chairs so I walked into the kitchen and made him a cup of coffee. I fixed it the way I used to when I worked in SHIELD. Going back into the living room, I handed him the cup and perched myself on the edge of the couch.

        He took a sip and his eye brows rose.

        “I wondered what had happened to you. No one could fix a cup of coffee like you did.” He mumbled to me, staring into the cup. I chuckled.

        “Use maple syrup instead of sugar. It’s sweeter and saves money. It also tastes better.” I cocked my head at him. “What brings you here anyways?”

        “I heard rumors that Stark had Loki’s children living with him. Who would have known that the creep had children.” He set his cup down on the coffee table. I tensed up trying to control my temper at his words. My nails dug into my palms.

        “They are Loki’s children and they have to be as much trouble as he is. I’m here to escort then to the helicarrier. I can’t allow them lose in New York City.”

        So much for keeping my temper, before I could say or do anything I noticed Agent Coulson had joined us.   

        “It kind of makes you wonder what idiotic girl would have his children.” Coulson snorted in amusement. I shot up, I had had enough.

        “They are five years old. Their names are Zane and Evangeline. They are good children!” I snapped at them both. Fury stood staring at me with his good eye.

        “There is no way you can be sure of that Natalya.” Fury said. “You only just met them, and I can’t imagine you spend much time around them as Tony Stark’s girlfriend.” He snorted. “I can’t imagine you spend much time outside of his bedroom as his girlfriend.”

        That was it! I walked forward and poked him in the chest as I spoke.

        “Let’s get something straight here.” I hissed as him. “I am NOT Tony Stark’s girlfriend. I am Loki’s wife, and if you go anywhere near my children. I will sink your ship without going anywhere near it.”

        My eyes were pink now as I backed both of them up to a wall.

        “Do I make myself clear?” I hissed.

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