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Loki’s Point Of View

        I had lost her again. Just like that, she was gone. I turned to my father who was now watching me carefully for my reaction.

        “Father I have been a fool.” I whispered.

        Natalya’s Point Of View

        I went to the stables where I stopped at the door. My daughter’s giggles came to my ears. I smiled and then I broke. Sliding into the nearest stall as Thor came by with Zane and Evangeline. I waited until they were out of earshot.   

        I let my sobs lose as the tears rolled down my face. I don’t know how long I was there but when I was done, I splashed my face with some water and was taken by surprise when I was shoved from behind.

        I fell to the ground with a thud. I was mad till I turned around to see that a huge black Pegasus was the culprit.

        “That’s not very nice.” I scolded the horse, coming closer I discovered that he was out of hay. Here were the attendants? Shouldn’t they be taking care of this?    

        I shrugged and grabbed a pitch fork and pitched some hay into his stall.

        “If you wanted something you should of just said so nicely.” He nickered at me and I pointed a finger at him.

        “You had no call to be so rude and you know it. Bullying people around isn’t going to get you what you want any sooner.” I felt someone else enter the stables but chose to ignore them.

        The horse had stopped eating to look at me.

        “No. Don’t you roll your eyes at me.” I scolded him. “You know I’m right. You need to learn some manners and patience as well.” I reached forward to pat his nose, and he nuzzled me, probably looking for sugar cubes.

        “You are the first that Demon has allowed to come near him.” Odin’s voice drifted from behind me. I turned to him. He took a step towards the stall and the Pegasus kicked the door to the stall and snorted.

        “Stop,” I told Demon. “You need to learn to be nicer, and threatening to kick someone is not nice at all.” I looked the beast in the eye. He snorted at me and went back to his hay.

        Odin shook his head and smiles faintly.

        “You have a way with him.” He said as we exited the stables. “He hasn’t let anyone anywhere near his stall since he came here. He seems to like you”

        I snorted. “He pushed me over.” Odin chuckled. We entered a rose garden and began to walk through it.

        “I would like you to stay a while longer. Mabie you can get him to accept others as well.”

        I sighed, knowing that was not the real reason he wanted me to stay, but I nodded anyways.

        “I will stay for a while longer if you wish it.” My head pointing towards the ground.

        “Good,” Odin said, I felt his hand on my chin and raised my eyes to his. He smiled at me. “I want to get to know my daughter as well.” He added. He turned and left.

I sat in that rose garden for the longest time after that. What had I gotten myself into?

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