Roc royal and prince gay love story / little surprise

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Part 2

Headed to the hospital

At hospital

Your pregnant

Prince and roc look at each other shocked but happy

Prince - that's great can we see her or him

Doctor- of course

Doctor gets the machine put the gel on prince stomach and turned the machine on and puts the thing on his stomach

Prince holds roc hand

There baby shows up or is it just a baby

Doctor - the babies are fine

Prince - tear falls

Roc- wipes it then stops ) babies

Prince- smiling from ear to ear cries more

Roc- did you hear that baby were gonna have babies

Prince - nodding ) kisses roc

Roc- kisses back

Doctor - smiles) would you like to hear the gender

Prince and prod look at each other then shake there head yes

Doctor- ok 2 girls

Roc - I'm gonna spoil my daughters

Prince- laugh

Doctor - well that's it come back in 5 months and we will go from there ( leaves)

Roc - ok

Prince- wipes the stuff of his stomach

Roc- helps

They leave holding hands

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