Chapter 6

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Lana’s p.o.v.

I really recommend the songs in this chapter for you to listen to. Sorry this is so late! Everyone thank Katelynn for kicking my ass to update this!


               After a fifteen minute car ride filled with all four of us screaming the songs that were on the radio out as loud as we could, we finally arrived to the mall. I couldn’t stop tapping my fingers against my leg. Destery noticed and grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently and giving me a soft smile, trying to calm me.

          “What store do you want to go to?” Katelynn asked sweetly, probably sensing my nerves.

          “What about Spencer’s?” I shot at her.

          “I’ve never been there before, so sure. What’s it like?”

          “It’s basically like hot topic, but more hard core.” Nathan said, catching her attention.

          “Just stay away from the back if you aren’t comfortable with sexual things. The entire back of its just dildos and stuff.” I said, giggling, waiting to see her reaction.

          “Oh ewwww.” She said, cringing. We all laughed and headed inside, making our way towards the shop. I entered, politely saying hello to the employees who always welcomed you when you walked through the door. I went straight to the t-shirts and looked up.

Thirty minutes later, we exited the shop. I got a bunch of shirts, and the water speakers, where they flash like rave lights, and the water shoots up with the bass and stuff. Can’t wait to wake up the neighbors with this.

          “Uh, Lana, its 1:30,” Destery said, looking down at his phone. My eyes widened.

          “Shit! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” I shouted, taking off down the hall, narrowly avoiding running into people. I had less than five minutes to get to hot topic. I could hear the foot falls of people behind me, so I knew they were following me. With a minute to spare, I finally stopped in front of the store. Hiding the need for oxygen and how much I needed it, I pretended I didn’t even run at all. I walked inside looking for Clara, the manager.

          “Lana! There you are! Come on in, sweetheart.” She said, reaching out, placing a hand on my shoulder. Clara was about 5’6 and she had white silicone tunnels[SJ1]  at the size of half inches. She was all tatted up and her hair was a shocking blue. She had her septum, eyebrow, and lip pierced. Despite her intimidating looks, she was easily the friendliest person I have ever met.

          Nervously, I glanced back looking for comfort anywhere to ease the anxiety. Warm brown eyes that belonged to Destery grasped my own gray. Every noise in the room became muffled and all I could think was ‘him’. A gentle tug brought my attention back to focus on what was on hand. I smiled apologetically and motioned my hand for her to show me the way, feigning confidence.

          “Alright, that was the last question. I’m happy to have talked to you one on one. We will call you soon to notify you.” Clara smiled, shuffling all her papers together and putting them back into a manila folder. She turned in her office chair placing it in the black folder cabinet that was splattered with red paint.

          We both stood in synchronization and she held out her hand to shake. I took her hand in mine and smiled as genuinely as I could at and as heartfelt as I could I said, “Thank you. Really, I mean it.”

          “It’s really no problem. Now, lover boy and your friends are waiting for you.” She teased at me. Flustered and speechless, I stumbled out of the office and back into the main store. Looking around, I couldn’t see Des, Nate, or Kate. Ha, that rhymed. I suddenly got disheartened and tears sprung to my eyes, but I refused to cry about this. They didn’t leave you Lana, shut up. The world doesn’t revolve around you, they probably got tired of waiting and went somewhere else. I shook my head violently and looked around the store. While I was here, I might as well get some things. I looked by the band tees that were by the jewelry. Taking a white La Dispute shirt from a pile and held it up. It was a bit big, but I hated wearing tight shirts. I smiled softly at it, turning around. I looked at the jewelry and immediately thought of Katelynn. I should get her something, a little break-the-ice gift. As I flip through the countless necklaces, I find her what I think to be a perfect one. I was a simple black satin cord that was soft to the touch with a camera, coffee, and pizza charm hanging on it. She loves Instagram, so the camera would represent that, coffee because she loves Starbucks, and the pizza, well, WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA? Exactly. I grab it and go to look at the ear things. I rub my thumb and fore finger against the small little 12 sized plugs I had in my ears. I stare at the glass case until my eyes fell onto the prettiest set of size 8 spirals that I’ve ever seen. They were acrylic pale blue glow-in-the-dark and if they were in my ears the spiral would stop at the turn in my jaw. They also came with the same tapers. I looked over to the ones next to it and saw size twelve tapers with matching plugs. They were galaxy plugs and they almost screamed Katelynn’s name. Content with everything in my arms I sought out an employee and asked her to open the glass case to grab the sets of spirals and plugs. I made my way to the counter and paid the shocking amount of money. I love hot topic, I really, really do, and it’s just that sometimes the prices make me want to throw myself into the fiery depths of hell.

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