My Turn To Save You...

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I raced through the palace in search of my father. I knew what I had to do. I had lost her once. I would not do so again.

        “Father!” I entered the main hall walking quickly towards my parents. I could see everyone’s eyes on me, but I continued onward.

        “What is it Loki?” My brother asked. I looked at our father pleadingly.

        “My son has just informed me that I was wrong, and he is right. I was terribly wrong.”

        “Wrong about what Loki?” My father asked placing a hand on my shoulder to calm me. I was beyond calm. If I didn’t act soon it would be too late.

        “They are not mortal. My wife is an Immortal Witch! One of the last! I request your permission to go to Midgaurd and rescue her and bring her back with me. Where she belongs.” I shifted nervously. Finally a faint smile showed up on father’s face.

        “You have my permission, and my blessing.” He said. I turned to Thor.

        “Will you come with me Brother?” I asked, knowing that if I showed up in Midgaurd alone The Avengers would likely pound me into dust. Thor nodded.

        “We will leave immediately.” He declared.

        Natalya’s Point Of View

        When I woke up my neck was sore and my shoulders were stiff. I tried to roll them around a bit, but was stopped when I realized that my arms were tied tightly to a pole, behind my back.

        No. My mind raced. I looked around me. They were all around me. Which hunters, the name alone sent shivers down my spine.

        “You are accused of being a witch.” One of them shouted. “What do you say to that?”

        I knew they were going to kill me, and that there was no way out of it. I might as well have a bit of fun in what time I have left.

        “I curse you and your descendants!” I spat at them. They all gasped and the one who spoke threw his fist at my jaw. Pain blossomed across my head. They were yelling and laughing at me as they lit the brush around me and it began to burn.

        I knew I didn’t have much longer as my thoughts drifted to my children. I hoped that they were safe. I allowed a tear to escape my eye. I could feel my skin blistering. It was excruciatingly painful, but I bit back my cries of pain. I would not give them the satisfaction of knowing how much pain I was in.

        Suddenly the shouting stopped and soon after that, the fire stopped making noise. I felt cold creep over my skin, caressing my blistered flesh like a lover. I kept my eyes shut.

        If I wasn’t dead now I would be soon. I flinched away from the feeling of a hand, turning my face up. I opened my eyes and found myself looking into a familiar pair of green eyes. I began to drift. The edges of my sight were going black. The last thing I heard before everything went black was his voice.

        “It is my turn to save you.” His voice whispered across my mind.

        Everything went black.

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