Not Mortal...

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Loki’s Point Of View

        When Thor returned everyone was in the banqueting hall. I saw him the second he entered the room through the great double doors. With him were not one, but two small children. I froze in shock as they came closer.

        There was now no doubt in my mind that they came from me and Natalya. Except for his pale blue eyes, he was an exact copy of me. The girl looked so much like Natalya that I wanted to cry.

        My father’s hand went up and everyone sopped talking. He studied the children.

        “What are your names?” He asked, looking the boy straight in the eyes. The boy placed an arm around the girl’s shoulder in a protective gesture.

        “My name is Zane and my sister’s name is Evangeline, but our mom calls her Angel.” He responded in a confident tone of voice. My father nodded as though agreeing with the boy.

        “And do you know why you are here?”

        The boy nodded. “We are here because the people that don’t like our mother came after us and she needed us safe. She sent us to find our father. So that he could take care of us if she could not.” The little girl sobbed.

        “Where is momma?” she wailed. “I want momma!”  Her little voice was heart breaking and I was compelled to take her into my arms and protect her.

        Since when did I care about mortal children? Even if they were mine they were still mortal.

        “Who is your father?” I asked the boy. He turned to look at me and his eyes widened.

        “Our mother never told us exactly, but she told us about the god of mischief. She loved those stories. She told us those stories every night. She always told us that we would need to remember these things for an emergency. I’m pretty sure our father is Loki Odinson, god of Mischief, prince of Asgard.”

        Father got up and strode to the children. Looking at them closely he finally said,

        “I am Odin Allfather, Your grandfather. Welcome to Asgard.” He turned to me and spoke, “the rooms connected to yours will be made up for them so you can acquaint yourself with your children.”

        Turning to the room he spoke again.

        “There will be a feast to celebrate Loki’s children.”

The room roared with the people’s approval. I saw the boy and girl being led away by my mother. The girl was crying into her shoulder, the boy with a concerned look upon his face.

        I moved toward them, but was stopped when my brother came over to me.

        “You should be proud brother. Zane is brave and honorable. Evangeline is the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Her voice is like a wind chime.”

        I narrowed my eyes at him. “Don’t get too attached brother.” I snapped at him, “They will not be here for long.”

        Thor looked at me in shock. “Surely you do not mean that brother. They are your children.” He was stunned. I pushed past him.

        “They are still mortal.” I told him. “They cannot remain here for that reason.”

        Thor’s Point Of View

        My brother walked away and left the hall. I stood there in shock. He had changed for the good so much and I could tell how much it pained him to ignore his own children simply because they were mortal.

        I was so deep in thought that I did not notice my father until his hand closed over my shoulder. I turned to him.

        “Give him some time. He is suddenly a father and that is a lot to handle. It is hard to handle when you have nine months to prepare for it.” He chuckled.

I nodded, still not understanding completely.

Loki’s Point Of View

        I stood over them. The girl looked so much like Natalya it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I moved away, towards my room when a noise stopped me. I turned back and the boy was sitting up looking at me.

        “Why do you not like us?” He asked me, getting out of bed to stand before me. Thor was right. He was very brave and honorable.

        I might as well tell him the truth. There was no hiding it. “Your mother is mortal and so are you. You will grow old and die and I will live on long after that.”

        His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

        “No she isn’t.” He said, sounding confused. “We are not either. When we get to about twenty or so we will stop aging.”

        My blood froze. I went down on my knees before him, taking him by the shoulders.

        “You’re not mortal? How?” I gasped, sounding like a fish out of water. He patted my hand as if to calm me.

        “Mother is one of the last immortal witches left on earth. My sister and myself are half her and half you. This makes us immortal either way.”

        Hope bloomed in my heart until I remembered something from earlier.

        “What kind of danger is your mother in?”

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