Uncle Thor

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Thor’s Point Of View

        I returned to the Man of Iron’s dwelling to find everyone in the kitchen with my nephew. He had a bowl of elbow pasta with melted cheese and he was eating it happily, but I could tell that he was still upset.

        He was brave to trust that his mother knew what was best for him and not question it. I knew he was worried for his sister and mother and was in no way afraid of the strangers that his mother sent him to.

        I felt proud of him as I stepped forward into the room. He looked up at me expectantly.

        “I am to bring you to see your father.” I told him. I was about to take his hand when there was a small flash of light from behind me. We all turned to see a small girl standing there crying like it was the end of the world. She was even dirtier than the boy had been. He had obviously been cleaned up as there was a lack of dirt and new clothes. Pepper was there and I knew she had taken care of it.

        The girl’s hair was long and very curly. It was a warm brown which went beautifully with her startling green eyes. They were my brother’s eyes. This was Zane’s sister.

She looked around fearfully till she saw Zane. Then she cried out and ran to him. He was already out of his chair and across the room to meet her. He held her as she cried her heart out. Pepper stepped forward and took them both in her arms to comfort them.

        “Where are we Zane?” the little girls voice was small and innocent, it sounded like wind chimes. Zane took her hand and sat her down in the chair he had gotten up from.

                “We are safe.” He told her simply.

He walked over to Dr. Banner and looked up at him.

“My sister’s knee is hurt.” He told him. Dr. Banner got up and went over to the girl. She eyed him, not sure of letting him near her. Dr. Banner smiled warmly at her to assure the child.

        She immediately warmed up to him and her smile was brilliant. She was the most beautiful child I has ever laid my eyes upon. We would wait until the child had been cleaned up and clothed in something clean.

I looked at Pepper. She had a shopping bag that she was pulling a small dress out of. I was grateful that she was prepared and that the man of iron had called to her for help.

        After Dr. Banner had looked at the child’s scraped up knee. He declared that when she had finished her bath he would put a bandage in it and it would get better after that. She went with Pepper to get cleaned up.

        When they came back she looked cleaner and I could see that unlike her brother’s pale skin, her skin was covered in freckles and was tanned all over. She was even more beautiful. If she looked anything like her mother I could understand why my brother had fallen so much in love with this mortal.

        “Come.” I said to the children, holding my hands out to them. “We must go now.” They each took one of my hands and allowed me to lead them away.

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