Angel Girl...

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Natalya’s Point Of View

        I sent my fist crashing in to my attacker’s jaw, buying myself enough time to say a quick incantation. A small necklace appeared in the middle of my fist. I would have to be quick.

        I heard my daughter scream and rage engulfed me. I felt a knife run across my cheek, slicing it open. I could feel the harm blood running down my face. I fought harder as I made my way to where she was.

She was standing there being made to watch me get captured. They were doing a lousy job but it scared her anyways.

        I reached her and grabbed her by the shoulders hugging her close and I slipped the necklace over her head.

        “I love you angel girl.” I whispered as she disappeared in a flash of light. Pain blossomed across the back of my head and everything went black.

Sorry for the short chapter. It will get better. I promise!

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