Blue Eyes...

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Loki’s Point Of View

        “I know that it has been six of their earth years since you saw her but you will get over it soon enough.” My father, Odin said comforting me. His hand closed over my shoulder. “It was a good thing that this happened. There are changes in you that are for the best. I am grateful that she rescued you and that she had the wisdom to let you go when you remembered who you really were.”

        I had never told him what really happened. I tried to stay. Tried to do what was right and honorable by her by staying. I loved her so. But she was a mortal and I would have lost her when she grew old and had died. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my father my actions. They were shameful.

        “Brother!” Thor’s voice boomed out across the room. “I would have words with you!” I turned to see my brother walking hastily to me. Something was wrong. I could see it in his face and feel it in the air. Something was terribly wrong.

        “What is it Thor?” our father asked, stepping forward to embrace him. Thor embraced our father and turned to me.

        “Your wife is in grave danger.” He spoke straight out. It hurt to hear about her.

        “She will face the same dangers than that of any other mortal.” I replied, trying to sound indifferent to the matter.

        “And your children?” Thor continued. “Would you leave them to face this danger as well?”

        My head snapped around to look at him in shock. That was impossible. Mortals couldn’t have children with immortals.

        “There are no children!” I snapped. “You have lost your wits brother.”

        “Father.” Thor turned to our father. “I have been sent the boy to protect by his mother. Other than his eyes, he has Loki’s look about him. There is no doubt in my mind. He is Loki’s son.”

        We both watched our father as he considered this. When he had thought about it for a minute he spoke.

        “You will bring the boy here for us to see. What is to be done will be decided after that.”

        I stopped my brother. “What about his eyes? What did they look like?”

        Thor looked me in the eyes. “They were the palest blue I have ever seen. He spoke of a sister as well. They are five years old and they are twins. He told us that his sister was taken and his mother stayed behind to save her.”

        That said, he turned and left. 

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