Roc royal and princeton gay lovestory / ray rays time

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It is 9 months later and the happy family is doing fine

Prince - playing with Aj and Dj

Roc - looks at them and smiles

Prince- looks at him ) what are you smiling at

Roc- how happy my boyfriend is with our kids

Prince - smile

Roc gets on 1 knee and takes princes hand

Prince- looks at roc and gasp

Roc- prince I love you so much you are the best thing that has come in my life and our children we had sex and we are not even married yet but today I want to tie the not so prince WILL YOU MARRY ME

Prince - YES

Roc - grabs a 19.9 carrot diamond ring and puts it on princes finger

Prince- wow it's soooo big

Roc - I know

Prince- i love you (kisses him)

Roc ( kisses back ) 143

Prince- cell rings hello. Phone conversation

Prod- prince ray is in labor

Prince - what

Prod - just get you behind over here

Prince- ok bye

End phone conversation

Prince- ray is in labor lets go ( grabs twins and heads

Out the door roc grabs there stuff

At hospital

Ray ray - aww it hurts

Prod - I know just hang In there

Doctor- hey ray we gave you something to ease your pain so you might feel tugging but won't feel a thing

Ray - feels cutting but It does not hurt

Prod - you ok

Ray - yeah - breathing

Prod- your so cute

Ray- aww thanks baby

Ray- ) feels pain ) screams

Prod- just breath baby

Ray- nods

Ray and prod here crying

Ray starts to cry

Nurse- gives baby to them

Prod- she is so cute

Nurse - her name

Ray - Angel because she is my angel -prod smiles ( ray and prod kiss

Prince- knocks- wow she is beautiful

Roc- ya

By the way Aj and Dj are playing in the kids room

Nurse - walks in - I'm sorry to interrupt but visiting time is over

Roc and ray say there good bys

Thanks for reading all hate messages will be deleted it is my first story so can you guys give me tips thanks more next chapter

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