Talking With Loki...

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Thor’s point of view

        It was an average day. I was with the patriotic one, the man of iron and the green one. We were in the man of iron’s dwelling combat training in what they called the danger room. I had no idea why it was called the danger room. It was by my understanding, the most secure room in the dwelling. I dogged the green one and sent my hammer into his jaw, proceeding to make him even madder.

        With a mighty roar the green one tackled me. I grinned as he rose, planning to send my hammer into him again. I saw the man of iron sparring with the patriotic one. It was then that I saw a small boy in the room. His skin was pale and dirty. There were tears making their way down his face. His raven hair was everywhere about his face and he had the blue eyes of my family.

        “Hold my friend!” I said, raising my hand to stop him. The green one’s eyes narrowed as he growled that I was losing and couldn’t handle him. I ignored him as I pointed to the boy.

        “Do you see him as well my friend? Or Mabie you simply hit me too hard.” I asked him, wanting to make sure I wasn’t the only one who saw the child.

        I could tell he saw it when he lunged forward to block a blast from the man of iron’s suit that was about to hit the child. I sent my hammer flying into the man of iron and he went flying into the far wall.

        “Hey! No fair!” the man of iron yelled. “You’re supposed to be fighting Hulk! Not me!”

        “Cease your fighting. We have a visitor….” I hollered back at him pointing to the boy that was now looking very curious as he looked at the green one. I was surprised that he was not afraid.

        “Who are you son?” the patriotic one asked him gently, going down on one knee. The boy sniffed a bit, trying not to cry any more.

        “I am Zane.” He sniffled. I went down on my knee as well.

        “What are you doing here young Zane?” I asked in a quiet voice so as not to scare him. He looked me up and down before replying.

        “I am here because my mother sent me here to keep me safe from the people trying to hunt her down. They already have my sister and she wouldn’t let me stay to save her. She said that I would show up in New York where I would find my uncle. She said he would keep me safe and my sister as well when she rescued her.” He began to cry again.

        I was in shock. I knew those features. He looked like my brother Loki. I now believed the story that he had told upon his return to Asgard six years ago, but knew he had said nothing about children.

        “What is your age Zane?” I asked him gently.

        “I am five.” He whispered. “Are you going to help my mom?” He asked us.

        “We will do what we can.” The man of iron said raising his face shield so the boy could see him. “Um… Cap? Why don’t you take him to the kitchen so he can clean up a bit and get him something to eat.”

        The patriotic one nodded and taking the boy’s hand he left the danger room.

        The green one had calmed down and changed back to Dr. Banner.

        “What will you do Thor?” apparently they had all seen the resemblance. I shook my head.

        I will go to Asgard and had words with my brother.” 

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