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        Six years later

        “Mom!” My son, Zane yelled as he came running in the back door and through the house. I wasn’t getting the housework done as fast as I should have.

        “Mom!” Zane raced around the corner, trailing mud into the kitchen that I had just swept and mopped. He slid to a stop and looked down at the floor.

        “Evangeline fell out of a tree in the woods! She hurt her knee and its bleeding!” He gasped, out of breath.

        “Why are you guys playing in the woods?” I panicked. That was so dangerous I felt like I would burst. I followed him out the back door and through the woods.

        It was so much easier when they were babies and they couldn’t walk and get into things. Now that they were five they were all over everything and always getting into trouble. It was becoming harder to keep them safe.

        I learned long ago that my husband was indeed the one and only Loki, son of Odin, god of mischief. I knew he hated mortals and I hated that I didn’t know this before he had left me for being mortal.

I myself was immortal, but I had never told him that. It would have made it more dangerous for him. I was one of the only immortal witches left on Midgaurd.

        Every day was a fight to stay alive. I brought it on myself really. In my younger years I had perused justice and honor and in the process I had upset the wrong people. I have been struggling to stay alive ever since. It didn’t matter how far I went or how long I ran.

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love. It was a danger to them and it only hurt me more. My beautiful children were my greatest joy but also my greatest weakness.

        I never saw their father after the day he left, but I had told them that he was out there somewhere. I didn’t want them to know that he was the Loki from their bedtime stories just yet. I did however want them to know that if something ever happened to me they were to put on the necklaces I had enchanted for them so they would be taken to the nearest family member that could keep them safe.

        I caught up with my son when he stopped by a large pine tree. He looked at me helplessly.

        “She was right here! I swear it mom!” He said in a panic. Reminding him not to swear I started looking around the area. It wasn’t a very safe place. It was a huge pine tree in the middle of a clearing.

        My heart was racing and my mind struggled to keep up with it. I looked around nervously. It didn’t feel right. Something was terribly wrong.

        I turned abruptly and scooped my son up and began to run back towards the house. I could feel them closing in on me and with my son in my arms there was nothing I could do to protect him.

My baby girl was missing and I knew that they had her. I wanted to scream out my fear and anger. If they hurt her I would tear them apart. They would suffer like no other.

        “Mom your eyes are turning pink.” My son said in amazement. “Where is my sister? We can’t leave her!!!” He screamed and began to struggle, trying to get away from me to go back to save his sister.

        The house came into view. It was all downhill from here. I set my son down on his feet and shook him to get his attention.

        “Listen to me! LISTEN!” I yelled at him. His eyes widened because I had never yelled at him before. “You run to the house and get one of the necklaces out of my box! You put it on! You should be taken to your uncle in New York. He will keep you safe till I can get there.” He began to shake his head at me. I shook him again good and hard. “You put it on and you don’t look back!” I held back a sob, knowing if he saw me cry he would never leave me. He nodded, tears running down his face. I kissed his cheeks. He had always been very protective and seemed older he should be.

        “I will find Evangeline and send her to you. Ok? But you need to go so that I can find her and do not have to worry about you.”

        He turned and ran as fast as he could to the house. I watched him go inside and a couple seconds later I saw a quick flash of light. I knew Loki’s brother Thor was in New York. He would see the resemblance that Zane had to Loki and keep him safe.

        I felt someone coming up behind me and whipped around to face them.

        “Give me my daughter you monster!” I snarled as I threw myself at them. 

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