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I sighed deeply. It had been two years since that day. We quickly fell in love and were married soon after that. I loved him so much it hurt sometimes. If I ever lost him I knew that would be the end for me.

        I tensed as I heard a sound coming from the woods to my left. My back was facing it but I knew someone was climbing over the railing to our porch.

        “If they want me dead that bad they should have sent someone who can be quiet.” I said in a bored tone. “Not you.”

        With the snap of my fingers he went flying back into the woods. I got up and went inside. I knew he wouldn’t be back but there would be more. There were always more. Keeping me safe was one thing but keeping my love safe was another.

        I walked into the bedroom and yelled to Loki.

        “I’m going to work! It shouldn’t take too long so I will be back in time for lunch!” I turned to see Loki standing there just staring at me. A strange look was on his face.

        “What’s wrong Loki?” I asked concerned. He shook his head.

        “Nothing.” He said kind of coolly at me. “Nothing is wrong at all. Everything is right now.” I started to feel afraid. Something was wrong, very wrong. “Go to work.” He ushered me out of the room. “I will see you upon your return.”

        The next few weeks went by in much the same manner. He was acting strange. He wouldn’t touch me willingly. He only spoke to me when it was necessary. He avoided me altogether if he could. My heart was crumbling. I panicked, but there was nothing that I could do about it.

One day I came home and he was gone. There was no note or form of explanation. He was just gone. He had taken nothing and left only one thing. Me.

I was broken. Crawling into what was our bed I curled up on his side and cried. I cried till there were no more tears and his scent had left his pillow.

        When I woke up in the morning I was still alone. I sat up and gasped. My stomach was doing flip flops and I knew what happened next.

        I raced into the bathroom and lost everything in my stomach. Even after that has gone my body continued to heave and churn. I spend a good portion of the day that way. I called a scheduled all my appointments. I was a photographer at a local studio and could adjust my schedule when I needed to. I took the rest of the week off. Driving to the nearest store I got some things that I would need for my stomach.

        About twenty minutes after I got home I was in shock. There was one more thing that he had left. I was pregnant.

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