I Don't Think Your A Norse God...

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“No. I did not go out with him. I didn’t even call him.” Natalya said through the phone to her friend.

        A sound of irritation came from the other end of the line. “Why not?” Libby voice wined. Natalya winced hating it when her friend used that tone of voice.

        “You know exactly why not.” Natalya scolded knowing Libby hated it. “I can’t give them anything or anyone that they could use to control me. It would all be over. I’m barely getting by as it is. I don’t need more complications.”

        Libby sighed heavily. “But your life is no life at all. Your existence is miserable. You live in some shack on the top of the mountain and you only come down once a month to get what you need for surviving. You have to be lonely up there by yourself. Nat you need somebody. Everyone does.”

        Natalya sighed and shook her head. “It just can’t happen Lib. I have to go. Talk to you later.”

        Natalya set the phone down on the counter top and walked outside. With the flowers in full bloom the view was breathtaking. The mountain was a mixture of colors and it was indescribable. Sighing contently Natalya sat on the top step of her porch and just looked.

        Suddenly there was a flash of blinding light. When it faded the grass in her front yard was all dead and laying in the middle of it was a man.

        Gasping in surprise Natalya didn’t even stop to wonder at the strange appearance. She just jumped up and raced to help him. Sometimes being a witch had its advantages she thought as she used a simple spell to get him into the house and to make the grass green again.

        After healing his injuries she sat by the bed and waited for him to wake up.

        He was not what she would call a heart throb. But he wasn’t ugly either. He had a pale complexion and raven black hair that stopped just above his shoulders. Just as she wondered what color his eyes were they opened to reveal his eyes. They were a startling green

        Looking around his eyes settled on Natalya. Her pale blue eyes contrasted nicely with her chocolate colored hair.

        “Where am I?” he asked. His voice sounded raw and scratchy. Natalya smiled at him. “You’re up in the mountains in Washington State.” Natalya responded gently. “My name is Natalya. What is yours?”

        The man frowned as he tried to remember something. Anything at all.

“Loki sounds familiar.” He said. I raised an eye brow at him.

        “Loki is the Norse god of Misjif. I don’t think you’re a Norse god. That is just a myth. It could be a nickname or something.”

        He smiled at me.

        “That must be it.”

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