Chapter 24

    As soon as I pulled the trigger on the people causing us problems, I felt remorse, and regret, with a twinge of a feeling I couldn’t describe. It was almost like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Cay did not feel the latter.

    “How could you! You, Bitch! You said you just needed to return something to them! But you killed my parents…” She broke away in sobs.

    Speechless, I could only look at her. She continued though,

    “You were my friend, as they were my parents! I might have hated them, but at least I knew they were there, and if I needed to I could crawl back in with them, now they are dead!”

    She started running, and still speechless, it was all I could to reach out and try to grab her. Elaborate on the try. Without another word, she disappeared, forever. I stared after her, and shook my head. Time to get back to business.

    I grabbed the Golde’s phone, and grabbed the piece of paper Ally left after she disappeared from the Golde’s, moments before I shot the enemy. There was on two items on that list; a number, and a message saying: INITIATE PHASE TWO, Good job.

    I called the number, and on the fourth ring, a voice picked up,


    “I did it. It’s done, are you happy now?”

    A pause on the other end, indicated that my mom was breathing a sigh of relief.

    “Yes, I am, now you know what do do, I want them all dead, every single one of them.”

    Angry, I hissed,


    My mother hung up, and I was left with the dial tone buzzing in my ear. Finally, we ran out the door, knowing the police would be there any second. Two untrustworthy friends down, I guess. Ally had a weird tone in her voice when she had told me to kill absolutely everyone on that list. And only being allowed to trust the only two boys next to me, I was going to be able to get this accomplished, I could feel it.

    “Alrighty, guys, what are we gonna do now, because I have a huge feeling that this is a trap, and my parents are juts giving me this ‘mission’ so that they can catch me during it,” I looked around expectantly at Chase and Billy but they just gave me blank stares.

    “Okay, let’s do this then.”

    No one spoke, and I’m guessing it was the fact that a police officer was right behind us.

    “And what do you think you’re doing?” The officer asked

    “Nothing officer,” I replied, batting my eyelashes.

    “You are under arrest for being at the crime scene!” He looked at me and took out some handcuffs.

    This was my queue, I lifted my leg, and my foot crashed into his mouth, sending him sprawling on the ground, with a bloody nose, and glasses thrown askew. I ran down, grabbing Chase and Billy before the guy could wake up, and other cops came.

    “Great, now you’ve done it, what are we gonna do?” Chase glared at me.

    I gave him an equal glare, and burst,

    “Stop saying what are we gonna do? It’s annoying and I just want everyone dead, so I can start my new life, wherever it takes me.”

    “Fine,” Billy shrugged, and walked to the car, and started the engine with a final, “Get in.”

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