Moving In

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🥀 3rd Pov 🥀

"Hurry the fuck up Shitty Hair! These boxes won't move themselves!" Bakugo yelled from the top of the stairs.

Bakugo, Kirishima, and Todoroki just graduated from UA College and decided to live with each other so they wouldn't have to stress about money and all that. Well, that's what they want people to believe. In reality, they all have 'tiny' crushes on each other and couldn't live without each other.

"Kat calm down. It's not that bad." Todoroki stepped in. "What was that!? Wanna go Icy Hot!?" Bakugo yelled.

They bought a two-story house out in a little quiet neighborhood. It's close to their jobs in the town center and has enough space for even a fourth person. Their rooms are all on the second floor, each with their own bathrooms. Bakugo got the biggest room since he has the most stuff. The downstairs contains the living room and kitchen, a gaming/theater room, the laundry room, and two half bathrooms. The backyard is huge, it has a big oak tree in the way back with an old treehouse, there is a pool with a little slide going into it. There is also a grill and seating area with a tv and a built in mini fridge in the brick wall.

"Thanks Sho! I just had to call my mom real quick. She keeps asking about how I'm doing and how you guys are too." Kirishima says. "Haha. It's not problem Kiri. You know how much I love pissing Kat off." Todoroki says.

"Guys I'm hungry!" Bakugo yelled from the top of the stairs. "Well what you want us to do about it?" Todoroki yelled back. "Bastard! Can we stop and go get some food?" Bakugo yelled. "Wanna order pizza?" Kirishima asked. "Sure. But have it delivered then!" Bakugo yelled.

Kirishima walked off to go order the pizza while Todoroki walked upstairs to see how Bakugo was doing. "Hey Kat. How's it going up her-" Todoroki is cut off by the sight in front of him. "Uhhhhh-" Bakugo tries to speak but can't think of anything to say. They were currently in the room Bakugo was gonna be sleeping in. Spread out across the room was anything cute-sy. Stuffed animals, blankets, posters, even a few feminine clothes.

"G-get out!" Bakugo yelled, pushing Todoroki out of the room and slamming the door. Bakugo locked the door and stepped back, face flushed deep red. Todoroki on the other hand, he couldn't move. He is standing right outside the door still in complete shock.

Kirishima finished ordering the pizza and made his way upstairs. "Hey Todoroki- uhhh. You okay?" Kirishima asked. "Umm. Uh... K- Kat. Did you know a- about all of that?" Todoroki stuttered out.

Kirishima became confused and tried to open the door, only to find it locked. Kirishima took out the keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. "Hey Bakubro. Everything alright in here?" Kirishima called out. Kirishima walked into the room and stopped when he saw all of the stuff spread out.

"What the-?" Kirishima looked around the room until his eyes landed on Bakugo curled up in a corner of the room. Kirishima made his way over to Bakugo and sat down in front of him. "Hey... what's wrong?" Kirishima asked.

"I- ... I." Bakugo stuttered out. "Come on. Breathe. Here." Kirishima took Bakugo's hand and placed it onto his chest where his heart is. "Breathe with me." Kirishima said.

Bakugo started to calm down and breathe normally. "Okay good. Now, what's the problem Todoroki?" Kirishima asked, looking back to Todoroki. "Nothing is wrong. I just wasn't expecting to see all of this." Todoroki explained.

Kirishima looked around the room at all of the pastel-colored things. "What? The girly shit?" Kirishima asked. Todoroki nodded. "Oh okay. Well is it going to be a problem with you? I mean if he likes this type of stuff, why should that bother us?" Kirishima asked.

"Of course there isn't going to be a problem! I was just surprised. I didn't think THE Katsuki Bakugo would be into something like this." Todoroki smirked at the end. "Hey!" Bakugo yelled. "I'll still kick your ass pretty boy." Bakugo sneered.

Todoroki chuckled slightly.  "Try me Babyboy." Todoroki teased. Bakugo blushed at the name just used and he turned his head away to try and hide. Todoroki came and kneeled in front of Bakugo, grabbing his chin and making the blonde look at him. "You know... it's kinda fun to tease you like this." Todoroki said.

Bakugo rolled his eyes and jerked his head out of Todoroki's grip.  "Fuck you, bastard." Bakugo growled out. Kirishima laugh and stood up. "Come on. We need to go finish bring boxes up." Kirishima said, walking out of the room.

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