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        “It is time to get up.” He whispered softly in my ear.

        “No.” I moaned as I tried not to smile.  Shifting from under his arms I turned in the bed and buried my head under the pillow. I heard a muffled chuckle.

        “Oh no you don’t.” he said. I felt his fingers reaching around my waist and I squealed as he began tickling me. I rolled around to face him, knowing there was only one thing to do, short of actually getting up.

        My lips pressed against his and the tickling stopped immediately. I smiled against his lips because I knew I had him distracted.

        He chuckled again as he pulled away and got up off the bed. Heading towards our bathroom he said over his shoulder.

        “Now that I have got you up I am going to take a shower. You need to get up or I will be back.”

        “That is a terrible threat.” I shouted through the bathroom door. “It just makes me want to stay in bed even more!” I heard his laugh before the shower went on.

        Sighing I got up and wandered to our dresser, I pulled out my favorite pair of faded blue jeans and a grey t-shirt that hung off one shoulder. Adding a pair of flip flops to the mix I got dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen to make some coffee.

        Going out to the front porch with my coffee I crawled into the hammock that hung there.

        For the first time since it happened I allowed myself to think back to the first time I saw him. Back to where it all started.

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