little girl

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Ever since we were kids we already imagined the life we wanted for our selves. Some of us want big things like mansions and houses and multiple cars, while others Want happiness and joy and love. Sometimes the older we get we begin to loose sight of those things and we become bitter because society makes us think that we would never be able to achieve those things, so slowly every day we isolate and destroy ourselves because in our minds we would never be enough.

Remember that time you were a little girl and all you wanted was some cheese puffs, soda and a whole bunch of candy you remember her?

Do you think you can go to your mirror right now look at yourself and see the same little girl.

That little girl that didn't care how she looked who wasn't bothered by what people thought of her.

That little girl that spent all her time coloring princesses admiring their personalities and strengths instead of skipping meals in hopes that she would one day look like them.

That little guys going but I wanna wanna completely put all the blame on society. She didn't just get up and leave you you lost her.

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