Chapter 1

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I was walking along the beach, contemplating what I should have for breakfast. I scavenged the shores for anything edible, Mom usually provided me with food after a few minutes of searching. A few seconds after thinking that, a large salmon washed up on the shore alongside a coconut and a banana. A banana? Really? How much more subtle could she get. I knew I would have leftovers after eating the salmon so I was surprised by her judgment today. Mother only gives me the amount of food I can eat. Maybe she thinks I need to gain weight or something.

After putting the food items in my bag of time I walked absently about the beach I knew ever since I could open my eyes. I spent some time splashing around in the water,then I stopped and looked at my reflection. My round tan face and a pair of hazel eyes, framed by my unruly mess of waist length gold hair . I never thought my appearance was weird, but maybe that was because I had never seen a human other than me.

I stood in the water trying to get my hair to look better when my grooming session was interrupted by a groan in the distance. I ignored it, thinking it was the wind. As soon as I returned to my hair related worries, I was startled by a strange appearance. A human washed up on shore right in front of my two feet. I screamed loudly, obviously making a mistake, because right after I screamed the human covered it's ears and rose to it's feet. It towered over me it's green eyes looking into my hazel ones. It had almost shoulder length black hair, and a welcoming smile. I started backing away from it, but every time I took a step back it took a step forward.

I stumbled to the floor, tripping over my feet, I wasn't the most graceful swan in the lake after all. I surveyed the human, trying to recall what mother had taught me back in the valley.Hmm... Flat broad chest with muscles, sharp features, stubble and an all round overbearing presence. The signs that he was a man were there. I recalled my training in the event of a human reaching the island. Number one... What was number one again? I looked at him staring at me and then at myself. He appeared to be wearing cloth of some sort covering his chest and legs. I had on a coconut bra and a loincloth around my waist. And that's when it hit me like a brick wall. I needed to go to the emergency trunk, and put on some clothes. I spoke in English, hoping that was the language he understood, and I said to him,

"Wait here I will be back in a few minutes" He stared at me for a few more seconds and then slowly nodded his head. I dashed back into the greenery and into the cave that led to my valley.

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