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11 years ago

"You what?!" Mama shouted at papa, "It happened years ago, I'm leaving, Carla! " he yelled back. "You need to take responsibility!! Ellie is you're daughter!" she slapped him. I cuddled into the corner of the kitchen floor, watching my family fall apart.

"I'm married!!! The only reason we had Ellie was because she was a mistake!!" he walked off. "So that means leaving Ellie?! You cheated & Ellie is YOURS!!!" she stomped after him.

"I love her! God damnit I'm leaving!" he slammed the door; minutes later, he came out with an entire suitcase. "You're just gonna leave your daughter?!" Mama screeched at him, "I have other children to take care of!" he walked out the door.

"She's only 4! For god sake you can't just leave her without a father!" Mama yelled; I let fresh tears run down my face. I was the cause of this, the reason my family is falling apart.

I got up & ran out the door. "P-papa!" I hugged onto his leg & cried. He threw me off of him. "You're a mistake Ellie, you're not my daughter." he hissed.

"P-papa..." I cried out as I made grabby hands, "D-won't l-leave us." I say as clear as I can, but he just walked off to the car "Papa!" I shouted crying, mama came & picked me up, glaring at papa's back "Shh, shh." she rocked me in her arms.

"W-why is papa lweavin?" I ask her, "He has a new family Ellie, but he'll still visit." she said, making my eyes sparkle. "Really?" I ask, "Yea, he will." I smiled through tears.

But he never did.

Mama lied, weeks passed, but papa never came; why is papa not back? Papa should come back by now; they always fought & papa comes back...

So why isn't he back? "Papa.." I stared at the picture of me, him & mama.

"Come home."

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