Roc royal and princeton gay love story / the big day

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3 month later sorry to skip

It's prince and rocs anniversary and there at home eating a dinner roc cooked

Prince- laughing

Roc - I know can you believe that

Prince - laughs more but calms down

Babies- kick but not so hard

Prince - oh rock feel this ( grabs rocs hand and puts it on his stomach )

Roc - feels a kick ) awe

Prince smiles

Prodigy and ray ray walk thought the door ) happy to see use

Prince and roc gasp

Prince - hey guys ) hugs them

Roc - hugs them

Prodigy - looks at prince stomach ( gasp ) prince what is that

Prince - oh right forgot to tell you

Ray - follows his eyes ) damn

Prince- rolls his eyes) ray we do not swear in the house and not when there are babies in the house (rubs his belly)

Ray- you pregnant and you did not tell me

Prince- we were gonna tell you when I was 5 months because we were going to he doctors then and I wanted to bring you

Prodigy - oh

Ray- anyway we have some new for you

Roc- what

Ray and prod hold hands

Prod- me and ray are together ( he kisses ray )

Ray - kisses back) yeah

Roc - for how long

Ray - a month

Prod - yeah and no offence prince but ray is 2 weeks pregnant

Roc and prince - scream I'n joy and hug prod and ray

The rest of the night was just talking and laughing and prod and ray had to leave

Prod- helped his love up

Ray- oh this is hard to get up

Prince- trust me gets worse

They said there goodbyes and left and prince and prod went to sleep

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