The Vow

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“Looky here,” Daryl stated, holding the fence open for Glenn and Rick, who were carrying wood.

They both looked up towards the prison yard to see Hershel walking about on his crutches.

“He’s one tough son of a bitch,” Glenn replied. “All right, Hershel?”

“Shh! Keep your cheers down.” Daryl reprimanded, pointing back towards the walkers on the other side of the fence.

“Oh man, can’t we just have one good day.” Glenn whispered to himself.

The three men stared at the others in the yard. Lori, Beth, Carl, and Riley helping Hershel about and Maggie, T-Dog, Carol, and Chelsea smiling at the man. Daryl took in Chelsea at that moment, standing in between T and Carol. He smirked watching her watching Hershel with such excitement. It’d been a while since she truly smiled, since any of them have. She was so tiny between the two and it didn’t help that she was wearing one of his shirts that swallowed her whole. He watched as the gentle breeze played with her hair that she always kept swept over her right shoulder. He truly cared for that girl and hoped to whoever was out there that she wasn’t too upset with him about not allowing the prisoners to stay. He was only doing what he thought best for her, and he didn’t want them anywhere near her.

Carl’s shout of walkers ripped through them and sent them into overdrive.

“No!” Rick shouted as the three took off running.

Glenn doubled back as shots were fired to close the hole in the fence to keep more walkers from getting in.

“Get out! Get out of there now!” Rick screamed above the noise.

Rick’s cries were drowned out as fear rocked through Daryl’s body. He needed to be there with Chelsea and he willed himself to move faster. As they came upon the gate, Daryl realized that it was locked and shouted back to Glenn who was behind them. “The lock- the keys, hurry!” He dropped his cross bow to the ground and caught the keys, turning to throw them to Rick before picking up his weapon and running again. Daryl looked back towards the yard as Rick rushed to open the gate and found that he couldn’t see Chelsea anywhere! ‘No!’ He shouted to himself as they passed the prisoners and the second gate.

The three finally made it to the yard and took out the rest of the walkers there.

“What the hell happened?”Rick demanded of Beth, Hershel and Riley who had locked themselves in a cage.

“The gate was open,” Beth answered.

“Where’s Lori, Carl- everyone else?”

“Maggie lead them into C block,” Hershel said.

“T was bit,” Beth added.

“Anyone else?”

“I couldn’t tell.”

“Which way did Chelsea go?” Daryl demanded.

“She was with T and Carol,” Riley answered, worrying just as much as Daryl was over Chelsea’s safety. “You promise you’ll make sure she’s ok, right?” He begged the older man.

Daryl nodded but then remembered all the times Chelsea had told him that promises don’t mean anything unless you say them. “I promise.” And with that he, Rick, and Glenn had gathered.

“Those chains didn’t break on their own. Someone took an axe or cutters to them.” Glenn stated trying to regain his breath.

Rick glanced back at the two prisoners.

“You think they did it?” Glenn asked.

“Who else?”

All of a sudden alarms started blaring.

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