Chapter Twenty- Three; Watch the Car

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Yeah, HUGE warning here. This chaper is exteremly... well, sexy.

Read at own risk!

Gotta say though, I'm pretty proud of this chapter. ;)


I fixed the flower on my black tux as I waited outside Emery’s door. My grip tightened on the tiger lilies in my hand. I was so nervous. My stomach churned and twisted as I raised my hand to knock. Before I could even touch the door, it swung open revealing Diedrich. I yelped in surprise, leaving him giggling.

“Diedrich, what are you doing here?” I asked, trying to regain my normal heart rate. To answer my question, Levi appeared behind him, in a tux. His dark navy hair was tied back into a loose pony tail with pieces still framing his face. His hypnotizing electric blue eyes sparked with electricity and childish amusement.

I looked Diedrich up and down too, realizing he was in a tux as well. His hair was wavy to his shoulders, per usual. His kaleidoscope eyes shifted colors back and forth in the light, making me lose my train of thought. They looked great together, an amazing couple.

Levi kissed Diedrich on the neck and wrapped his arms around the smaller male’s shoulders.

“He asked me to go with him to the dance.” Levi explained with a grin. I smirked.

“So, are you two officially a couple now?” I asked with a smile. Diedrich responded with an insane but stable giggle. Levi watched him with amazement but managed to tear himself away from Diedrich long enough to look to me.

“How are you feeling, Beck?” He asked seriously. I shrugged and pat cast on my arm.

“Getting better. Nothing I can’t handle.” I winked. Levi chuckled while Diedrich swayed in his arms.

“You got one thing right. You are pretty tough, kid.” He said. He leaned forward, past Diedrich, to punch me playfully in the shoulder. “Thanks for taking care of my little brother.”

I flushed and scratched the back of my neck. “It was nothing.”

Levi’s face was still serious as he spoke next, kissing Diedrich’s cheek. “It was something. You saved his life. That takes heart.” He smiled, punching my chest. I blushed harder.

“I’m not ready! Leave without me! I’ll meet you guys there!” Emery’s sweet, buttery voice called from upstairs. I stared up the stairs.

“What? Em, why aren’t you ready?” I whined. Levi groaned.

“He didn’t start getting ready until about an hour or two ago and well, you know how girls are.” Levi smirked. I heard Emery scoff from upstairs.

“It’s not my fault! I was, er, busy! Just go! I’ll meet you there, promise!” He yelled louder.

“Em…” I pouted.

“Just go, babe! I’ll be there! Promise! I’m sorry to have made you come over here but I promise I’ll show!”

“Erg, Emery! Fine. Just hurry up!” I called, annoyed. I backed out the door, letting Levi and Diedrich waddle out. Levi still had his arms around Diedrich so they were walking funny, but it was hopelessly adorable. I closed the door in time to hear Emery yelling, “Thank you!” I made a face and closed it all the way.

That’s my special fella.


He looked beautiful. His pitch dark hair was fluffed just the right way, hanging in his star colored eyes. His eyes were lined with black eyeliner, making them pop. His silver snake bites were in his lip, which he was biting gently. His black tux clung to his body, his blue tie sticking out cutely. He clutched at it, his other hand in his pocket. He looked around nervously for me. Not seeing me he walked over to a pink chair and sat down.

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