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Night 11 PM:

"ARGH!" I yelled in frustration as I fell down for the 5th time.

Dance competition was in 3 days and here I was. Instead of concentrating on my dance moves, my mind kept wandering towards the events that happened today. Thus breaking my concentration and making me fall, again and again.

Today started with a lot of excitement which was shattered when I was just leaving the house.


Morning 7:30 Am

"Maira? Where are you going at this time, that too on a weekend?" Mom asked coming out of our kitchen, after hearing the sound of door opening.

We lived in a 2BHK flat, so it was no wonder that she heard me opening the door, even though it didn't make much noise.

"Dance studio. We have final rehearsals going on", I replied and hoisted the bag to my shoulders to leave.

"There's no need to go. Don't waste your time in all that. Go back to your room and study", Dad's voice boomed as he came out of his room.

If anyone heard him, they would think my dad was scolding a teenager to study, instead of a 20 year old adult.

"Today's rehearsal is important. We need to practice the final touches today as other two days would be spent for organizing and setting everything", I tried to explain even though I knew everything would fall on deaf ears.

"You aren't going to shame me by dancing in front of everybody. The competition you were going to participate is going to air on television and there's no way I would ruin my reputation among my relatives and colleagues for your hobby", he spoke sternly, making me snort in disbelief.

"Were going to participate? - I am still going to go. I don't know how your reputation would ruin because of this. It's not like I am doing something illegal. And last but not the least, dance is my passion not my hobby".

Speaking my mind, I slammed the door behind me, not bothering to listen to my Mom's shout for me to come back.


Dad's voice boomed throughout the corridor of the building.

Our neighbour who was waiting with me near the elevator for it to come up to our floor, gave me a sympathetic smile.

Even though this was embarrassing as heck, I had stopped feeling embarrassed, long time ago. This was a daily occurrence, so there was no need to feel ashamed for giving entertainment to our neighbours for free.


Morning 10 Am

Waving bye to everyone, I had just left the studio when I heard Aman's voice.

"Maira, wait", Aman called out running towards me.

Damn! He looked so good and here I was looking all tired and sweaty.

"I didn't know we were going to meet today", I commented with an raised eyebrow as soon as he came near me.

"It was important and I didn't want to tell you this information through phone", he explained, looking at me with guilt.

"You are scaring me. What is it?"

"Maira, I ...Umm...I have to go back to my village tomorrow. My Grandma left this world. I...I won't be able to come to see you perform", he stuttered out, looking guilty.

Of course, he was guilty and he should have been after breaking my heart like this.

"You know this competition is very important for me and there are really few people supporting me and still you want to leave me here alone", I spoke through teary eyes.

"I will always support you. Just this time, I won't be near you. Plus Drishti would be there for you", he tried to pacify me, and held my hands.

Shrugging away from him, I looked at him with disbelief.

"Yeah, she would be. Unlike you, she would be always there for her bestfriend. You don't even like your Grandma and yet you are going to miss your girlfriend's important day. Why do you want to go? The type of person she was, I don't think anyone would attend her funeral".

The rapid change in Aman's expression shocked me. His face quickly changed from guilt to anger.

"How insensitive can you be, Maira? Even if we didn't get along, she was my family? You are talking about her, look at your behaviour.

With this kind of selfishness, I think it will be your funeral where not even a single person would bother coming", he spoke with anger.

"We will see when the time comes, I am not going to die anytime soon", I waved off his words.

"Death doesn't come with a warning".

Saying this he left me standing on the road.

Flashback over

A sad chuckle left my lips thinking everything was over. My parents wouldn't ever understand my dream. I am able to practice tonight, only because they have gone out.

I don't know how would I manage to go for the competition but I would go by hook or crook.

And Aman, he always supported me wholeheartedly. I thought he was going to be with me in every step especially this competition which was the stepping stone for my career. My career would skyrocket if I won this competition.

I behaved insensitively too, but he also went too far with his words. Should I wait for him to sort this out or should I just apologize and get over it?

We had never fought for too long and I wanted to keep it that way. I didn't want to keep fighting with him.

The notification tone of my mobile, broke me out of my thoughts. It was a message from an unknown number.

Furrowing my eyebrows with curiosity, I opened the message.

Sorry, for whatever happened today morning. Let me make it upto you. Meet me near the 24/7 ice cream shop.

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