Chapter 21

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"Where is he?" Navy asked, becoming slightly impatient. "He said he would be back in under an hour, and it's been two!"

"Patience, Navy." Lyra said. "Link will be back soon."

Buddar sighed and leaned against the wall, Link had left a couple of hours earlier to go grab some supplies from his home that they may need. The sun was setting, and it would be dark soon, meaning they would have to leave soon if they were going to cover a lot of ground during the night.

While Navy was complaining, Buddar pulled the sword out of the scabbard on her back. Shadow had given it to her, and he had said that he didn't need it since he had another, so it was hers now. She examined the beautiful weapon, its silver blade gleamed in the light of the various torches that lined the walls, and the gold plated blade had two shining rubies embedded on both sides of the hilt, right where the blade and the hilt met, and helping to keep them fused together.

She also had a brown leather tote bag slung over her right shoulder and resting against her left hip. It felt slightly heavy due to the fact that it contained ten apples, a jar of water, and a few extra tunics that Shadow had made for her before he had Navy bring her to his castle.

There was a loud knock on the door, it opened to reveal Link and Navi. "Sorry I took so long," He said. "I had to leave Epona at my house so she wouldn't get hurt on the trip, so I had to walk here."

"It's alright," Lyra said. "But now we have to go. The sun has set, and we'll have to move quickly to avoid any monsters."

Buddar nodded. "Alright," She said, glancing around at everyone. "Let's go."

Shadow, Navy, Link, Navi, and Lyra all ran out of the castle and into the forest, with Buddar in the lead.

First stop, She thought as she ran. Lake Hylia.

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