Amsal's pov

I woke up by my alarms voice ! I rushed in to the bathroom ! I was so exicted coz its my first day at uni ( uni as same as shehry but different dept but i'm in acting class too ! ) i wore my black button up shirt and black skinny jeans with black boots ! I tied my hair neatly in a pony tail ! Did a lil make up ! And i'm ready i grab my coat and i'm ready to go !
Yeah i have to wear formal coz i'm in seniors ! And i'll be teaching Paki cusine in uni !

Ruksana handed me a cup of coffee and some biscuits ! I don't like heavy breakfast! I run out and put my bag on passenger seat and sat on the driver seat and then drove off to uni ! I stepped out of the car ! I was walking towards the gate of uni ! Then i heard a girls scream i turn around to see ! The girl was standing behind me in shock ! Okay now i understand the situation ! I smiled at her and hug her lightly ! She smiled widely !

"I'm your biggest fan ever ! Everyone told me that they saw you tomorrow but i didn't believe on them ! But you are standing infront of me and you hugged me ! Its like OMG ! " she said in one breath ! I smiled at her and calm her down by patting her bavk lightly

"Its a huge compliment for me love now you have to see me everyday here ! Cox i'm gonna study here ! Soo be ready to tolerate me ! " i chuckled a lil ! The she asked me for a selfie ! I smiled and nodded ! Took our selfie and hugged me ! I asked her name ! Her name is faryal khusk ! I told her to met me at recess coz i have to makr friends here !

I was walking towards my first class i entered the class! Then took my letter out and handed it to the teachrr ! He introduce me to the whole class ! And asked me where i wanted to sit ! A boy wave to me ! So i told the teacher to let me sit with him ! He smiled and show me the way to go ! I went and sat with the boy ! He smiled and asked me !

"Pehchana mjhe ? " i shook my head in noo ! His jawdropped for a sec and then replied "i'm atif the one who pick you up from the airport with mu friend shehry ! " then showed his perfect white teeth smile !

"Ohhhh i remember ! Sorry us din ghor nai kiya tha ! Tou yad nahi rahe ! " i smiled brightly coz he helped and i have to be nice ! Then we chatted a lil ! And the class was over he asked me for the next class i tell her that cooking is the next class ! He told me that the teacher is not here ! Then i smiled and said "you have to take the class ! Who knowns of the teacher will be attending the class or not ! " and walked to my locker ! I opened the locker where my chef coat and walked towards the class ! I opened the door and everyone greeted me ! I smiled and start to introduce my self !

"I'm your teacher for cooking classes ! My name in Amsal subhani ! I have a record of 18 A+ in cooking ! I came here to teach you proffesional working and cooking ! So you guys have to cooperate with me ! Okay so we gonna start the class with basic's ! Who knows the basics ? " i was going to say something then Atif came in the class and his eyes widened when he saw me teaching ! I coughed Nd his eyes went normal i looked at my watch and said politely ! "You are late but its our first class so you can come in and sit ! " the whole period went to good ! The period is over now i went out of the class and i saw shehry ! He didn't notice me ! He went to atif and hugged him! My stomach was grooling ! And its recess time! I took my phone out to call ruksana ! I was talking to her ! I order a coffee ! When i was going to sip my coffee i heard i familiar voice of a girl shouting ! I went there to see who it is ! Its mona ( momina ashad ! My child hood friend ! We used to study in the same school with Zayan ! She knows about our relation ! But she always hated Zayan ! ) like always she was again screaming on a boy who proposed him ! I screamed from my spot !

"Monaaaaa ? " she looked at me ! But she was looking confusely at me ! I hugged the life out of her ! And whisper in her ear ! "Kamini ab tou pehchan leeee ! " she hugged me back tytly and said "bitchaayyy tou yahan kb ayi ! "

Then she whislt and said "tou sexy kb se hogayi !? Parhaku se bomb kaise bani ? " i smirk and said " ab Ap ki behan ek leading model hai sexy tou lagna pare gaaa !" And hugged her again ! She knows my whole secret !

We were talking when someone tapped on her shoulder ! Its shehry and atif ! Mona smiled and introduce me to them ! I was smirking that she give "the what??" Looking ! I cracked up by laughing too hard them told her that i already know them ! She hit me on the arm ! And i was still smiling ! Then i remember the recess is over and i have to catch my acting class !

"Eemmmm guys i'll catch you guys later i have to take a class ! " they looked at me like i'm a alien and then shehry smirk and said "acting class ? " i nodded my head ! Then he said " we four in one class ! And chill we have 15 mins to go ! We will walk together to the class ! " i sighed in relief coz now i don't have to find my class ! We were talking about random stuff ! And me and mona were cracking our old , corny jokes! Atif and shehry were standing there with no sense ! Then atif said to go to the class we all stand up and started to walk up to the class !

We were walking towards our classes then my boots heel twisted and i was going to fall when someone grabbed me by my waist ! I shut my eyes too tighttt !

I slowly opened my eyes and stare striaght in shehry's brown eyes ! His eyes are soft and filled with love ? I remembered how Zayan use to look at me with his eyes ! Without knowing anything i whispered "zayan" ! He furrowned and help me to stand me up ! My eyes are glossy now! Mona was staring at me ! I thanked sherry for helping me ! He smiled we went to the class ! Mona and atif sat together ! I was like what ? I have to sit with sherry ! Okay now its awkward ! I'm not that shy person ! Why i'm feeling it? I quietly sat with shehry and teacher was absent so we out of the class to go home then i remember my phone isn't in my pocket ! I panicked a lil ! Then shehry gave my phone and said that i dropped it when i was falling and he picked up the phone! I said him Thank you and click on the power button and saw my and zayan's photo ! I hugged my phone ! And start walking with them ! Then mona said that she wanted to go with me ! I was walking with her ! Then she asked me " Zayan k sath abhi bhi ho ? " i smiled weakly and shook my head in noo ! She wasn't shock ! But her face has a disgusting expression !

"Uski hogayi na mangni ? Anoushey se ? " she said lil angirly ! My jaw dropped k how she knows it ? " mjhe card aya tha i thought tm ne use chor dia hoga ! Magr aj jb tmne uski photo dekh k hug kiya tou smjh gyi aj bhi wahi dumbo ho ! Jise school ka jerk psnd karne laga tha ! I always warned you ! " now my tears are rapidly falling ! I stopped the car and she hugged me so tightly that i broke into pieces ! But she kept me tight tooo tight ! I was crying like a child then she caressed my hair and calm me down ! Then i felt too light that now i can drive ! I started to drive again! I dropped her at her appartment! But stop her and ask her to go with me ! She nodded and sit back with me ! We were talking about our old dayss! I was feeling Good too good that i totally forget about my past ! Now i'm also making fun of Zayan and we were laughing like idiots ! I'm happy now ! I'm too happy !

For Amsal' s character i imagined quart ul ain baloch aka qb ! And here is her photo !

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