Anger Management

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Hey everyone, We are back with a story once again, Without wasting anymore time let's dive into the segment. 

Akaash:   Hi, this side Akaash

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Akaash:   Hi, this side Akaash

Teenfixer:    Hi Akaash, how are you?

Akaash: I am doing fine and you?

Teenfixer: I am also fine, thank you. So how can I  help you ?

Akaash: Can you help me control my anger?

Teenfixer: Why do you think that your anger needs controlling?

Akaash:   Since birth I have been a pretty hot headed child but recently even the smallest things trigger me so badly that I can't control myself. I lash out over the most stupid things and even though I know what I am doing is wrong, I can't control myself. Often I end up hurting my closest people. 

Teenfixer:   Oh! I see. What do you do when you get angry?

Akaash:   Well I start shouting at everyone. If I am angry then even breathing near me can be disastrous, I haven't really broken anything but my words are very hurtful when I am angry. I forget everything and just take my frustration out on the person in front of me.

Teenfixer:  Is there anyone you can discuss your feelings with? A family member, a friend, cousin?

Akaash:   No, everyone is scared of me and they try to avoid me as much as they can.

Teenfixer:  Akaash the first thing you need to do is find a person to talk to, it can be anyone you trust, someone you can rant to without any fear. Just knowing that you have someone who listens to you and understands you will help. Try to talk to them about the things that bother you, from small to big, discuss your triggers, your strengths, your weaknesses, as bottling things inside will only increase the risk of that bottle exploding and harming everyone in its paths.

Akaash: But I don't think I can trust or open to anyone I know

Teenfixer: you can rant to me and trust me. We don't know each other personally so I can give you the support you need right now and you won't have any fears or worries about things leaking out.

Akaash: No offense but I don't think I could open up to a stranger.

Teenfixer: You are talking to me right now, aren't you? And I will not force you to do anything you don't want to. Just talk to me and share whatever you want with me. That way the burden you carry around and the things which trigger you might disappear without you knowing. Try meditation, back counting whenever you feel anger taking its control might also help. Utilize your time by doing something productive. You can paint, read, write or do whatever you like during your free time to keep your mind from wandering to the places you don't want to think about. You can also spend some time in nature, sit in a calm place and try to enjoy your time with nature. 

Akaash: Yes I can do that!

Teenfixer: I know you can, try meditating for now and then we can slowly discuss where to proceed from there on. Listen to calm nature sounds or the crashing of waves before going to sleep and you will wake up in a much lighter mood.

Akaash: Thank you so much I'll try this.

Teenfixer: Bye Akaash and always remember you are not alone.

Akaash: Byee!

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That's all for today, The below are few quick tips for you to control your anger. Hope we were able to help you. 

Thank you

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