Dream's eyes flitted close and George looked at Sapnap as if to say, what now?

"Well we can't just leave him here." Sapnap said aloud. "I made sure to keep two rooms locked so you can sleep in one room and I sleep in the other."

"We have to sleep in the same bed?" George blushed.

"Like you haven't already." Sapnap rolled his eyes.

George stared at Sapnap before he was interrupted by Dream falling from his shoulder to his lap.

".. He's so cute when he's sleeping." Sapnap heard George mutter softly.

He rolled his eyes, but inside he was punching the air. Finally!

With that, he walked over towards Dream and lifted him onto his shoulder (everyone seemed to be getting carried by Sapnap, not that he minded).

With George following slowly behind, he dropped Dream on the bed, and from there didn't know anything else that happened.


"You can't just say that Sapnap!" Dream hissed.

"Why not?" He replied.

Dream faltered for a moment. "He doesn't know that and besides! I don't like him and he doesn't like me."

"Did you hit your head or something? You've confessed your love twice, and kissed him."

"We were drunk!" Dream yelled.

"And? You still kissed him, you obviously wanted to or else you wouldn't have!"

Dream sighed. "I'm going back to my place."

"Dude you're hungover as hell-" Dream cut him off by the front door slamming closed.



After a week everything went back to normal, they all seemed to forget about the party. George came over in the morning to help Dream out, and they both rode the bus to school in the morning, and hung out on the bleachers after school. They played minecraft together almost everyday after school.

Once George got his cast off he had to leave Dream on the bleachers, but he'd always talk to him the second he had a chance.

Dream got his cast off a few weeks after George, but he still couldn't play football for another week.

It was Saturday, 7am, January 13th, and it was snowing.

Dream's front door crashed open (he had forgotten to lock it for the 5th time that week).

Dream stayed asleep in bed, he really was a heavy sleeper, could probably be mistaken as dead if he slept long enough.

George shook him awake, snow falling from his brunette hair onto Dream's.

Dream groggily opened his eyes. "What.." He mumbled, before rolling over to go back to sleep.

"It's snowing!" George shouted, which woke Dream up.

"What?" He said, sitting up in bed. He was thankful he started wearing shirts to bed, specifically for the reason of George always barging into his room in the morning if he was still sleeping.

"It's snowing!" George repeated himself. He was already prepared for the snow, a large puffy jacket, lined jeans, and a hat.

"No way, it hasn't snowed here for years."

George frowned at Dream not believing it, so he went to the window and tossed up the blinds, pointing outside.

"Look, snow!" He said.

"I guess you weren't lying. I'll have to dig out some winter clothes from my closet so give me a minute."

George waited outside on the stoop, until Dream came out, only dressed in jeans and a light sweatshirt.

"Dream! You're going to freeze! Or catch a cold! Do you not have any cold weather clothes?" George yelled.

"It's florida, George, it hasn't dipped below 30 in like 20 years."

George rolled his eyes. "If you catch a cold it's not my fault."

"I'll be fine."

They were out in the snow for hours, where eventually George tired to force Dream to take his coat (to which he was declined).

The first time they went in was to eat breakfast, and then to warm up, and then for lunch. After lunch they made their way up to Dream's roof, where they laid on their backs and stared at the overcast sky.

Well, Dream stared at the overcast sky. George stared at Dream, taking in every little perfection.

The way the snow settled on his soft blonde locks, how his pale skin looked even paler against the snow. His broad shoulders and his wheezing laugh as he recanted some story from his childhood. He was perfect, in everyway to George.

"You're beautiful." George blurted out without warning, a blush spreading across his face.

Dream paused midstory. "What?"

George rolled back over onto his back. "The sky's beautiful." He said, and while Dream didn't believe him, he didn't bother to press.

They remained on that roof, Dream starting to lightly shiver in the cold, but trying to not let George catch on until the sun went down.

"That was a really pretty sunset." George said. "Even for me, and I cant see half of those colors."

Dream laughed.

"We should get inside now, though." George said, staring at the dark sky. "It'll just get colder."

"Yeah, you're right. We can watch a movie." Dream said.

So the two made their way back inside, picked out a movie, and settled down on the couch.

Despite the couch having enough room for them to sit far away, they opted for pressing together.

George blamed it on Dream's incessant shivering and taking a pity on him being so cold.

In reality George just liked the feeling of Dream being so close.

And hour into the movie he felt Dream soften against him, and soft snores confirmed what he suspected.

He could move him, Sapnap had shied him a proper technique, but he didn't want to.

Again he blamed it on the fact of Dream being freezing cold and not wanting to make him even colder by removing his own body heat.

So Dream remained slumped against George, his body weight pressing into him like a blanket.

George having been up all higher thinking of Dream, fell asleep soon too.

The movie droned on in the background, but neither boy heard what it said.

They were in each other's arms, warm and safe, and that's all that mattered to either of them.


Hahahah it's uh almost 1am as I write this. I'm so sorry for making you guys wait so long I just didn't know what to write and nearly got distracted on trying to make a medieval AU. Also this isn't the end of the story, I have a couple more chapters in mind, but i might get some ideas later down the road.

Happy Valentine's day!

Word Count: 1679

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