Chapter Eight: Akward

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Rae woke up and realized she was in Liam's bed. Rae got up, and saw Liam on the phone. "Jesus Christ she was with me..." LIAM spoke into the phone. "No! We didn't have sex!" Liam said, surprised. "Okay, I'll take her home.... Yeah, bye." Liam said then he hung up. "Who was that?" Rae asked. "Harry. Didn't you tell him that you were with me?" Liam asked with a serious expression on his face."No.My phone is dead and it's none of his business anyways!" Rae said, pissed off. "Well, HARRY wants you home...." Liam trailed. "NO." Rae said.

"Baby, calm down. Tomorrow you can stay the night." Liam winked. Rae giggled. "Okay."

Liam walked up to Rae and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, rubbing her back. His lips pressed hard onto hers. a soft moan escapes her lips. "Hmmm....." Liam groans. "Jump." Liam commands. Rae does as she's told and wraps her skinny legs around his waist.

Liam gently lays Rae on the couch, and kisses her. Another moan escapes her mouth. "Mhm, you're perfect" Liam cooed at Rae. "I think we should get going before my brother flips his lid." Rae said. "Your right, let's go." Liam said.

"So, you're staying the night tomorrow night?" Liam winked. Rae giggled. "Yes dear." Rae kissed his lips quickly and got out of the car. "Hey! Wanna go to the club tomorrow night?" Liam asked. "Sure!" I said as I opened the door. Liam waves and leaves.

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