Step 3: Title's and Fonts

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Now that your graphics are all arranged you need to put your title and authors name on your book cover. You can't just write it in a times roman font now can you. is a free font website which I use all the time. It doesn't have any viruses and has over a 1000 fonts on the website alone which are all free. Download some fonts or use your own fonts to make your book cover.

Remember your title make certain words or phrases that will stand out in your book cover a different font and or colour. Remember your title does not have to be places on the top only it can be placed to the right, vertical to the left or even diagonal. To make your book cover more interesting use a variety of different colours for each different word you have. For example a title of one of my books is The Seven Boys from Miami. The Miami in my title is a different font compared to the rest of my title. You can also separate each word so that a certain word or phrase is below another. This will create interest in your book cover. The 2 main things that attract a reader on wattpad to read your story is:

A. The title: The title should be interesting so that readers will click on that story and actually read it

B: The cover: If their is no cover the chance of people reading your story is decreased. I know I'm being quite blunt here but it's true. Just changing your cover or title can bring in so many readers no jokes there. If your cover sparks interest then people are more likely to click on it. 

Now if you have chosen your font or fonts start applying them to the words or phrases. Change the colours of your words or title and start arranging it on your graphics. Make sure your font and colour is legible for everyone to read. If you are pleased with your work go on to the next step.

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