20 Facts About Me

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Thank you Skittles2109 for nominating me! 20 is such a huge number but I'll try :p

1. I'm a good liar though I might seem like someone who is hands down honest

2. I do karaokes because why not?

3. I'm obsessed with even numbers. Like for instance, the volume of my TV or laptop should ALWAYS be an even number. If it's an odd number (especially 13), I get irritated

4. The people in my life have given me about 20 nicknames

5. I'm against smoking and doing drugs

6. I'm more of a dog person than a cat person

7. I love cars, and I kind of dislike bikes

8. I live and breathe music. You can say its my drug.

9. It's been 8 years now but I still have a deep crush on Lucy Hale, an American actress/singer. And I have a feeling it will never go away. #HalerForever

10. I'm not very big on sports. But I do follow tennis.

11. Strangely, I have no role models. Um, maybe Life itself is my role model?

12. I hate brinjals (egg plant), pumpkins and papayas. If they were people, I'd do anything to make their lives a living hell.

13. I'm sensitive to cold as much as I love snow.

14. I was a late reader. I read the first book when I was 11. But there's no denying that this is my first love now.

15. Titanic is my all time favorite movie. I must have watched it about 1000 (literally) times since 1997 and I can rant the dialogs, expressions and scenes even in my sleep.

16. Green, purple and black happen to be my favorite colors.

17. I know a bit of piano but I want to be a professional at it someday.

18. I like ballroom dancing though its cheesy. Someday I would want to dance to a ballroom music with a special someone.

19. I can sit at a beach all day and not feel bored.

20. I can stare at a fishes all day and I have been told I tend to talk to them and play with them as well (when I was a kid and we had an aquarium at home). So yeah, fishes and I go way back!

Phew! This was hard, especially as I got closer to 20 I had to think harder lol. But it was fun! :D

"Surround yourself with the best people. Honestly, there are enough people who hate you and you don't want to be your own worst enemy" -- Lucy Hale

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