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I woke up and felt the sun streaming in on my eyes. I grumbled and shifted my head.

'Wait, why is my pillow so hard?' I asked myself and put my hand down to feel what I was lying down on. Why did it feel so hard?

I pushed myself up on my elbows.

Oh God, I was sleeping on Caspian. How did this happen? Did I actually sleep with him?

A hundred questions raced through my mind as I unshielded my dagger from my thigh and pressed it against his neck.

As much as I hated to admit it, he looked beautiful in his sleep. But I needed answers.

"Wake up sunshine", I whispered gently in his ear.

"Mhm," he responded blinking his eyes open. He quickly realized I was holding a dagger to his neck.

"Aloia, relax!" he yelled, his eyes grew to twice their size. "

Come on let's talk this out in a calm manner."

"Why the hell was I sleeping on you? Did we... 'sleep' together?" I asked him.

He looked into my eyes and then started to laugh. What the hell?

"Aloia, you cried when you sitting at the piano and fell asleep in my arms. I carried you to my room and took off your corset because you would've suffocated in that thing. I was about to sleep in the parlor room when you grabbed my arm and asked me to stay. I didn't do anything unlawful so don't worry you are still a perfect virgin for your Prince." He responded and pushed my arm away from his neck.

Oh, the Prince. I had forgotten about him and this whole headache.

I groaned and got up off the bed.

"Alright, sorry. Do you know where I could find a clean change of clothes?" I asked eager to get out of my uncomfortable, yet extravagant, dress.

"The closet in the next room has some ladies' clothes. And don't worry they are from my mistresses my mother used to sew. Most of my mistress come naked anyways." he said winking at me, as he lied back down on his bed.

I have just realized I had been sleeping on a shirtless man. I saw every bit of his muscles and had to stop myself from staring.

I quickly rushed to the other room to pick out a new set of attire for myself. I could not stand to wear a corset for another day. I chose a simple white dress out of all the colorful ones. I took a satin ribbon and tied it around my hair with a few front strands falling out. I grabbed a pair of black flats which were amazingly comfortable.

(This is what Aloia was wearing but the front was a bit more covered

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(This is what Aloia was wearing but the front was a bit more covered.)

I walked out back to Caspian's room.

"Thank you for the dress", I told him "And thank you for taking care of me last night. But please just forget about it."

I quickly hurried away before turning back and asking him where the prince was, so I could have a lovely chat with him.

"Walk down the hall and the last door on your left will lead you to the garden. That's where the prince is usually right now," he answered still in bed.

With one issue down, time to have a chat with the prince.


I finally found the prince walking in the garden. I walked up to him and pulled him into a corner hidden from view.

"How long do I have to keep this up?" I said pinning him up to the back wall with one fist.

"First off", he said switching our positions and pinning me to the wall "I am not the submissive in this situation. You are". He said taking my chin in between his finger. I pushed his handoff. What is with these possessive assholes?

"Second, you will stop pretending when I say you can. Where were you last night?" Silas questions me.

"None of your business", I tell him.

"It doesn't matter where you were last night, as long as you didn't sleep with anyone. Your new room is on the east wing of the castle. You have a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Don't wander around. I will call you every day and you will come with your maid. During the day you can do whatever you please however, I will be with you at those times. I don't care how much you hate kissing or pretending to be the perfect princess, my father is a hard man to fool." He told me putting his face closer to mine.

"We don't need to truly date, that is," he said with a smirk "unless you want to".

"Oh please", I told him, pushing him off me. "I have better standards."

I started walking away when he pulled me back.

"'Better standards' Mhm?" he whispered into my ears.

A shiver flew down my spine.

"Yes", I said trying to seem brave, but it came out small.

"Mhm, then mind telling me who gave you think mark? Is that the person with better looks or personality than me?" He said leaning down and kiss the mark that Caspian gave me last night.

'Shit' I thought to myself. I was dead.

"I guess I will have to send this person a message and give you a new mark, don't you think?" He smirked.

'No. No. No' I thought to myself as he leaned in to kiss me

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