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Lu Yanzhou didn't even think about it: "Replace him and let Fang Qiao play it."

     The film investment manager was dumbfounded: "This...Sun Yingzhe is the actor appointed by the director."

     Lu Yanzhou fingers tapped the desktop, and he asked: "I invested in the movie, Do I not have the right to speak up?"

     The manager did not dare to talk back, he can only sigh in his heart Sun Yingzhe is unlucky enough to become the victim to please lovers of the boss.

     Sun Yingzhe is in his early twenties. He is a newcomer who just debuted last year. He has participated in two well-recognized movies and is currently has a steadily rising career.

     Because he is quite similar to Ye Ran in appearance and style, many online medias call him Little Ye Ran. This time the director chose him to play Ye Ran's character's teenage years.

     Fang Qiao, who had not said a word, said weakly, "Mr. Lu, it's not good to take someone else's job, I'll pick up a small supporting role for the time being..."

     "No, just play this."

     Fang Qiao: "..."

    Although Fang Qiao does not agree with squeezing someone out of their role, how can he defy the words of Lu Yanzhou, he obediently followed the manager to pick up the script and went home while slowly pondering.

     After the meeting back in the office, Tan Hao teasingly asked Lu Yanzhou: "Do you know the relationship between Sun Yingzhe and Ye Ran?"

     Lu Yanzhou leaned back on the sofa and made a seemingly indifferent appearance: "I know."

     "I did not expect you, our president, to quite know news about actors."

     Lu Yanzhou rolled his eyes: "Just let this shit go."

     "You know their relationship and you still want Sun Yingzhe to leave, do you still have feelings for Ye Ran?"

     Lu Yanzhou lit a cigarette and did not speak.

    Tan Hao while exaggerating said: "Oh, so I'm right? You're still in love with him. You still haven't forgotten the love from your youth."

     Lu Yanzhou pushed Tan Hao out of his office.

     Lu Yanzhou's evening with the director was mainly an apology night, he drank three cups as a self-punishment because of the substitution.

     Director Xu looked at past times Fang Qiao has worn ancient costumes on television, he felt no problem with the appearance, not to mention that the investor was the one who brought him, he would have agreed to him even if he was improper for the role.

     But Ye Ran is not so easy to talk to. Ye Ran came out of nowhere while not even taking off the makeup. As soon as he walked in, he asked: "After the contract has already been negotiated, you replace him. How has my cousin Sun Yingzhe offended you, Mr. Lu?"

     Lu Yanzhou took a sip of wine and answered calmly: "He hasn't offended me, I just think that there are better candidates."

     Substituting Sun Yingzhe who has the qualifications in both acting and appearance for Fang Qiao who has worse qualifications is called a better candidate? He was clearly saying bullshit.

     "It seems I have offended you." Ye Ran said bluntly.

     Lu Yanzhou replied with, "No."

     The dinner ended.

     On the way back, Lu Yanzhou sat in the back seat of the car. He opened the window and let the wind blow for a while. His head became clearer, and he realized that this might be  a bit too much for Ye Ran. It was indeed his fault to replace Sun Yingzhe. What will he do if he provokes Ye Ran until he wants to break the contract?

     Lu Yanzhou recently found himself somewhat making hasty decisions when it comes to Fang Qiao.

     Lu Yanzhou wants to blame Fang Qiao.

     Fang Qiao went directly to the cake shop after leaving the company in the afternoon and bumped into Lin Yao, who had visited the shop by bicycle after school.

     Fang Qiao told him about the meeting, but Lin Yao seemed to lack interest, frowning and constantly relying on the phone. Fang Qiao wanted to go over and see who he was talking to, but Lin Yao suddenly got up and said that he had something to do.

    He left just after arriving ten minutes ago, there must be something fishy going on. Fang Qiao watched Lin Yao leave, muttering to himself: "Has Lin Yao fallen in love with someone?"

     The other girl who works in the shop said excitedly: "Oh, boss, don't you know, there was a luxury car parked at the door yesterday afternoon, waiting for Brother Yao for a long time."

     Fang Qiao: "..."

     Fang Qiao stayed in the store for the afternoon, making some new creative cakes in the production room, and then took out today's script to study.

     Fang Qiao who is about to star in this movie is no longer so excited, he did not have an obsession for acting or fame, the former is just a profession, and the latter well it comes with the career.

     What's more is that he thinks he has no acting skills. He has been wandering in the circle of walk-ons since his debut, and suddenly they let him play a big role in such a big movie, it is nerve wracking.

     Fang Qiao leaned on the glass cabinet on the side. He feels like back in high school, when he was afraid of the teacher making him recite texts, this misery, he though, will be able to end after graduation, who knows after so many years he'll be back to that point.

     Fang Qiao looked at the screenplay dialogue and soon slept thinking of the past, he was then finally awakened by Lu Yanzhou's phone call.

     Fang Qiao rubbed his eyes: "What's the matter with Mr. Lu?"

     The opposite man loudly asked: "Where did you go? Why are you not home? Do you see the time?!"

     Fang Qiao: ...Does Lu Yanzhou usually carry out rounds to check on his little lovers these years?

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