The next morning I wake up in the strong arms of Niall. I smiled to myself and give him a soft kiss on the nose. He wrinkles his nose and open his eyes slightly and blink sleepyly. He was so adorable and I kiss him a second time soft on the nose. He smiles and kisses me lightly on my lips. I have helicopters in my tummy and my cheeks get a light pink colour. After our lovely kiss I get up and opens the curtains and let out a little scream of happienes. Outside there was a lot of snow. It looks like it was snowing the whole night. "Oh my gosh it looks so lovely outside", I say dreamy. Niall gets also up and stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist from behind. I lean into his chest and looks with him out of the window. "We should go outside and have a little bit of fun", he whispers into my ear which sends chills down my spine. I nodded and his stomach begins to growl and I giggle "But at first we should eat breakfast" I wink at him and he blush. "Yeah, but you should go changing at first cause you wear still your stage outfit." I blush and begin to giggle. "That says the right one, you wear yours too" He laughs his cheeky laugh. "Ok in 10 minutes with snow fit clothes in the kitchen?" He asks and I only nod. "The last who is in the kitchen is a chicken" and with that I storm off to the bathroom and do my daily routine and get changed into a grey pullover a black skinny jeans, brown boots, a light brown cardigan and a dark green jacket.

And than I run down the stairs to the kitchen. I turn around the corner and bumb into Harry and Louis. "Wow wow wow not so blustery little one", Harry giggles. I roll my eyes and go straight to the kitchen. I find a laughing Zayn and a scared Liam in the kitchen. "Good morning boys", I smile and go to the fridge and take out strawberrys and yogurt. I cut the strawberrys in halves and throw them in a bowl and than I pour the yogurt over the berrys. I take a spoon and a fork and begin to eat. Everytime when I take the spoon in my mouth Liam screams like a little girl and I have no idea why he do this. "Liam? Why do you always scream when I take the spoon in my mouth?" 

"Ok but please don't laugh ok?", he asks me with his serious face. I nodd and continue eating with my fork instead of my spoon. "Ok, I don't really have a fear of spoons but in restaurants or like here in the band house. I don't know where the spoons have been before I use one. If we were at my house or at your house I wouldn't be afraid like that" I can only nod and have to force me not to laugh. "And this is all?" Now he nods and I smile. "Have you seen Niall?", I ask a bit worried. "He said we meet here in 10 minutes and now almost 25 minutes are over" As I finished I was lifted up in the air and set on the counter. I giggle. "Here I am. I think I'm the chicken, right?" I giggle a bit more and kiss him lightly on the cheek. "Jup", I popp the p and smile at him. "After my breakfast we can go out and have a little bit of fun, is that ok?", he asks me with sparkling eyes. "Ok, than I can finish eating my strawberrys" He smiles at me and takes out a bowl and pour cornflakes and milk into it. With a fork he begins to eat them. He winks at Liam and he blushs lightly. These boys and their bromanzes. I roll my eyes and continue eating my fruits. After we finished we go out in the snow.

The cold wind hits my face and I begin a bit to shiver. Niall hugs me tight and his warmth makes me feel warm too. I smile up at him and takes his hand and run with him through the snow. I let me fall backwards in the snow and so do Niall. We wave with our arms and legs till it looks like an angel. A snow angel. We stand up and try not to destroy our snow angels. Niall makes above of the head of my angel a halo. I kiss him on the cheek and than I ran away from him. I hide behind a big tree and Niall begins to search for me. I form with a bit of snow a ball and throw it in the direction where Niall is. It hits him right in the chest and he gasps. Because of my throw Niall finds me and pushes me in the snow and jumps on me. I gasp for air and Niall begins to laugh. I throw him a bit of snow in the face and begin also to laugh. "You are so mean sometimes, Mr. Horan" I say in a fake offended voice. He kisses me on my cold lips and than stands up and help me up too. "What would you think about a snowball fight with the lads?", he asks in a amused tone. That would be a great idea. I think my eyes begin to sparkle cause Niall sink into them and looks like he is in a trance. I wave my hand infront of his face and he comes back to the real world. I kiss him on the lips and go inside to ask the lads. 

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