"Do you see that clearing up there? It is kind of hard to tell, but it is a bit brighter." I squint my eyes, and I think I see it, but not quite sure.

"I think so."

"Ok, watch your step here, there is a big rock." I carefully walk where Felix guides me. We walk on and I can see what he means by a clearing. It looks like the moon is the only lighting for it, but I hear a noise, like water.  

We turn around a tree and I see a little waterfall. It actually looks magical. The water is misty, making it look as if it were something you could just stare at all day. There are these pretty purple flowers around it on the rocks.

"Do you like it?" He asks.

"Yes, I do actually. It looks like nothing I have ever seen before."

"Well, you haven't ever seen it before. It only exists here."

"What makes it so special?" I ask. He gets closer to me.

"This is where the guardians can see their deceased person they were watching over. Half of their souls come here." I look at him, and he is watching the water. I look at the water as well. "Also, if a guardian is killed, their souls come here. But it is only the first born and the guardian that are taken here." he says, breaking the silence. He takes a step closer to it, and he summons me to come also. "if you look deep into it, it is as if you can see the peoples souls floating." I look into it, and I try to look deep. I see a faint swirling, and I then notice that it is the half souls from the first borns and the souls from the guardians.

"If the first born children's souls are half here, were is the other half?"

"They,..stay with the guardian. One half in here, and the other goes to the guardian." He says, I could tell he didn't like the fact of us talking about the first born dying, meaning me as well. I wonder if I was here when Felix killed me, half with him and swimming around in this pool. 

I stare at the pool, and I don't notice that I had made my hand down into Felix's. His hand is warm, compared to the cold weather. I wonder why the rain isn't snow. But speaking of rain, the rain isn't that bad anymore.  

I stop staring at the pool when I feel Felix kissing my hand. I look at him and smile, he smiles back. I cant wait until we are married. I hope it wont be much longer. Felix's hand reaches the back of my neck and pulls me close, kissing me. I closed my eyes, putting my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my hips, but then it began to rain hard. We look up, still in each others arms. "We need to go back." He says. He takes my hand and leads us back into the darkness. I take a last look back at the pool, and I say goodbye to all the dead first borns. Especially to you, father.  

The streets are filled with a few more people, but still not as much as usual. The lanterns are a saint. The darkness is finally overcome from the lanterns. 'When will they have dinner?' I ask.

"Probably around seven thirty, maybe eight. Are you hungry?'

'Yea, I kind of am.' 

We walk to mothers' apartment and go inside. It is soo warm! "I can make you a little something. But are you wanting to go to the breakfast?" He asks.

"I guess so. It will give me an advantage to get to talk to Ashland."

"Okay, so what do you want me to make you?"

"Just tea is fine, thank you." 

We hear a nock on the door. Felix goes to open it, and it is Ashland. I stand and go to Felix's side. "Yes?" Felix says. Ashland's face is scared. I have never seen fear in her eyes before.

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