Fake sleeping only gets you to Fucking Jada also known as Raynum1girl

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Im laying here hard as fuck in fucking doubletree hotel beside my fucking hot girlfriend.Whose half naked and I wanna fuck her so hard and shes trying to act like shes sleep when shes not.

JADA he slaps her on the ass

What you wimper

Get up and fuck your boyfriend

I dont want to you lied

I dont care he says as he  sticks his hand in your panties rubbing

Come on please he plead

You bite your lip trying not to moan.

I know you like that

Stooooooooooooop you moan

DAmn your really wet I feel it he said as he threw the cover off with his other hand


YOu like that



NO! your just messing with him

Well we arehe pulled hishand out of your panties and he stuck his head down and started eating you  out .

DAMN Swirl that fucking tongue you yelled so that you neighbors could hear you and then you pushed his head down .

HE was moving his tongue so fast almost to were you couldnt keep them open so he had to hold them

he got up and told you to ride him

BUt my legs hurt like hell

it will make it feel better

no it wont but ill do it because i love you

as soon as you sled down he started to moan as you did swirels  and bounced up and downn

faster he commanded so you went faster

you both started to groan the he flipped you over and started to fuck

HOLY FUCK you scream

Sream my name he says

PRINCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You moan  knowing your about to cum

AHHH  you scream while then he pulls out and tells you to get on your knees and he tells you to open your mouth and then he started jerking his dick

he starts to groan while his cum starts to come out

the end

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