Chapter 2

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    During the spring equinox, showers come as soon as they say, dark clouds in the sky obscured the sun, gusts of wind roared, towering trees were blown to shake the branches and leaves, and heavy rain poured down, but it did not bring much freshness to the world, but added a little unspeakable dampness.


    "Catch up with them!" On

    a winding loess avenue between the lofty mountains and ridges, two carriages galloped by in the shower, followed by more than a dozen horses, and each horse was straddling one. When I arrived at the two rough men, all of them had bad expressions and were extremely vicious, with sharp knives in their hands. At first glance, they looked like poor bandits and bandits.

    "What should I do?     I'm going to catch up soon."

    "You guys hurry up..."

"Mother Wei, you must think of a way, I don't want to die..."

    "I have no choice but to blame the fifth young master, Sha The star is the evil star. Even if he went to the village Zhuangzi, he couldn't suppress his evil spirit. Once he picked him up, he encountered this kind of thing. How many years hasn't he encountered such a frenzied robbery on the official road? What a bad luck!"

    "Why can you say that, Grandma Wei, Fifth Young Master..."

    "What did I say wrong?" The

    fast-running carriage was tumbling, and the people crowded inside were chattering endlessly, occasionally with a few harsh sounds. Screaming, Shen Liang sitting at the innermost was dizzy, feeling that his internal organs were about to be shattered. After a groan, his thin hands lifted up and caressed the hot forehead, Shen Liang frowned and opened his eyes slightly.

    What I can see are two women on the left, one old and one young, and two young people on the right who look quite immature and wear burlap.

    Qi Yue? ! Qi Xuan? !

    Almost immediately, Shen Liang's pupils shrank. Didn't they already...

    no, his eyeballs were not gouged by the poisonous woman Shen Qiang? How can you see Qi Yue Qixuan who has been dead for many years now? And... what's going on with Mother Wei and Jin Zhi, who are the heads of my father Dongling Hou Jishi?

    "They are getting closer and closer, Mother Wei, you must think of a way."

    "What can an old lady of me do? They are bandits!"

    The few people in the carriage focused on the bandits chasing them behind, and Shen Liang, who was not in a coma, was already awakened. The maid Jinzhi's face turned pale and she pulled Madam Wei’s arm, her eyes flowed in horror, for fear that the carriage would be overturned in the next moment. Mother's old lady is much calmer, but what she said comes and goes, it seems to be a metaphor, but everyone hasn't noticed it for the time being.

    Because of shock and silence, Shen Liang brought everything into his eyes, and suddenly some intermittent images slid in his mind, and a touch of sorrow quickly slid across his eyes. When he remembered, it is no wonder that he would find this image a bit familiar. This is not his fifteenth. What happened on the way back to Tanglin Houfu when I was 10 years old?

    Since his birth that year, his father, Dongling Hou, Shen Ruiting, apart from Shen Qiang, has never added another offspring. It is not that his concubines can not be pregnant, but that every time he becomes pregnant, he will have an inexplicable miscarriage. On the contrary, Erfang Sanfang has a strong offspring. Over time, some unpleasant words circulated in the Hou Mansion. Until he was ten years old, his auntie had a miscarriage after six months of pregnancy. His father was furious, and his grandmother asked him to find a Taoist priest. As a result...

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