Val's POV

I'm zoned out. I can't think straight. After last night, Jacob left apologizing and I couldn't speak. I tried talking to Jeremy but i'm scared of telling him. I know I have to tell him fast but, I just don't wanna lose my first boyfriend. "Students today we will have students from 4 other schools joins us today. Students we urge you to behave and show kindness to the visiting  students. Thank you." The principle announced. I could see the buses arrive from other schools and girls in my class squealing. 

I got out of class and the hallways were packed. Great! in front of me I saw Jacob talking to some girls from another school. As if he could sense me, he turned to face me. My eyes widened and I felt like running off hoping he hadn't seen me. He began walking towards me and i swear to you I almost ran. "Hello there beautiful." I felt hands wrap around me and watched Jacob's face fall as he turned away. 

Trying to get that picture off my mind i turned to face Jeremy. "You are honestly gonna give me a heart attack.  Why are you here anyways?" I asked actually pretty confused. He smiled. "Well if a little someone was listening in registration, i'm sure she''d have heard that this school is hosting 3 schools for the day." And that my friends is what i call a blonde moment. I smacked my face and laughed embarrassed. "I'm sorry I forgot." "It's perfectly fine Val." He responded.

"Oh by the way here's my best friend, Andreas." Jeremy introduced a really cute guy. He had golden brown highlights and a killer smile. In addition to the amazing combo he had blue eyes. Beautiful. "Hey, you must be Valerie Abby Johnson. 17 year old mundane teenager, British that moved to the states at the age of 3. Only child. Best friend to Jacob Bradley O'Connor, who is currently 18, East African Mother and German Father. Nice to meet you, I'm Andreas."

"What the actual fuck!? Did you spend the entire night reading my biography or something?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes, as a matter of fact I did." He laughed quite hard. "You're funny. I like you. Pretty awesome first impression." I told him. "Jerry I love your girlfriend, can i have her?" Andreas joked. and Jeremy just shook his head chuckling. "Andre you have literally gone mad. Keep the fuck away from my girlfriend." Jeremy clarified. 
"So how was your night?" Jer asked as we walked to the lunch hall for some lunch. I suddenly remembered the tiny situation with Jake. "I have to tell you something." I blurted out. "Ooooh... Valerie what did you do?" Andreas dramatized. Jeremy just glared at him. "Shoot babe."  Jeremy said smiling down at me. 'Jacob kissed me. But i'm sure it was some accident. i swear.' OK guys as much as i want to tell him the truth i can't.

So yeah i didn't tell him. "I had some sort of heart epileptic moment last night but i'm so much better now." I lied. Concern suddenly covered his face. "Really? Crap. Are you OK babe?" He looked so concerned. I feel so bad lying to him but he'd probably kill Jake if he found out, and as bad as he seems right now, I still need my best friend. 

Speak of the devil, Jacob came and sat on our table. "Hey guys. Val I need to talk to you." He spoke. "Like right now? can't we do this later?" I spoke right back. " Yeah sure tonight your room, don't lock me out!" He laughed. I know he's trying to make it look normal between us. He walked away and i turned to Jeremy. " Well this is officially and anti-Val day." I spoke. 

"What d'you mean an anti-Val day?" He asked confused. "Well, not only do i have a ton of work to do, my best friend has something to talk to me about. I'm sorry Jer but the situation definitely calls for and anti-Val day." I smiled sympathetically. "Just so you know anti-Val day sucks." he groaned. Andreas walked to our table and sat. "Soo any luck with the ladies?" I asked him. He looked up at me and frowned. "Let's not talk about it." I laughed throughout the entire lunch. It was assembly time soon and to save time i will spear you the gruesome details of our assembly's here.

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